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How to Quote Someone on Discord – User Guide

Quote Someone on Discord
Written by Kelly Houstan

Discord is actually a free chat application used via gamers across the world. Since its launch in 2015, millions of players also have gathered together to build communities around their favorite games, projects, and many other ideas on the platform. Just read this article to know all about How to Quote Someone on Discord – User Guide. Let’s begin!

Due to the app’s focus on chat, gamers can use all sorts of formatting features such as bold, italics, underlining, and more built right in through markdown. These additions help users better express themselves and make sure that Discord remains a personality-based space.

But, one feature that users consistently search for in Discord is the ability to quote others. The work-oriented alternative to Discord, Slack, also has this feature, as do many other chat apps. For a long time, Discord users were out of luck whenever it came to quoting other users. Also, having to resort to using code blocks or sophisticated chatbots.

How to Quote Someone on Discord – User Guide

You can quote other Discord users on all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop) via the same sorts of methods. We will also focus on mobile-Discord in this tutorial, although the quoting techniques are essentially the same. Multi-line quoting is slightly different on desktop (it’s easier, actually), but, otherwise, the process actually works exactly the same.

Single-line Quoting 

You can also use the single-line quoting method whenever you want to quote a text that takes up one single line. Hence, if you want to quote a message where there are no line breaks or paragraphs and then you may use the single-line quoting method on Discord as well. Here is how you can quote someone on Discord via the single-line quoting method.

  • First, open Discord and head to the conversation where you want to quote a message.
  • Then type > symbol and tap space once.
  • At last, type your message after you tap on the space bar. Here is how a single-line quote looks like as well.

Multi-line Quoting

You can use the multi-line quoting method whenever you want to quote a message. That takes up more than one line, such as a paragraph or also a long text message with line breaks. You can easily type > in front of each and every new line or paragraph that you want to quote. But, typing > in front of every line or paragraph can be time-consuming if the quote is long. Thus, here is how you can quote messages in Discord by using a simple multi-line quoting method:

  • First of all, open Discord and head to the conversation where you want to quote the message.
  • Then type >>> and tap on the spacebar once.
  • After hitting the spacebar, start typing the message that you need to quote.
  • At last, hit enter to send the message. This is how a multi-line quote looks like. Check the screenshot for reference as well.

If you want to exit the quote, then the only way in order to exit the quote is via sending the message and starting a new one. Or you can also backspace >>> symbol in order to exit the multi-line quote.

But, the multi-line quote works slightly different on the desktop version of Discord as both ‘>’ and ‘>>>’ provides you a multi-line quote. Hence to make a single line quote on the desktop version, all you guys have to do is press return and then make a backspace in order to return to normal text.

Use Code Blocks | Quote Someone on Discord

With recent updates, Discord introduced the code blocking feature that permits you to quote messages. With using code blocks, you can easily highlight a message on Discord as well. Here is how you can quote someone on Discord with using code blocks.

  • In order to create a single line code block, all you have to do is type (`) that is a single backtick symbol without any brackets at the beginning and end of a line. Such as, we are quoting the line single line code block, and we are typing it as `single line code block.` Now check the screenshot for reference.

Quote Someone on Discord

  • If you guys want to format multiple lines into a code block. Then all you have to type is the (‘’’) triple backtick symbol at the beginning and end of the paragraph. Such as, we are quoting a random message into a multiple-line code block via adding the ‘’’ symbol at the very beginning and also end of the sentence or paragraph.

Use Discord Quote Bots | Quote Someone on Discord

You also have the option of installing a Discord quote bot on your device that permits you in order to quote the message on Discord at a tap. But, this method may be a bit technical for many users. There are a lot of Github projects that give a quote functionality suite for Discord actually. We are listing down two of the Github projects that you can download and also install on your device in order to use Discord Quote Bot.

  • Nirewen/ Citador:  Along with the help of this Github project, you can easily quote messages on Discord with just a simple tap.
  • Deivedux/ Quote: This is a great tool along with amazing features to quote messages on Discord.

You can easily download both and choose the one that is best suitable for you. Citador has a really straightforward user interface. So if you are looking for a simple tool, then you may go for Citador.


How can I address someone directly in a group chat?

In order to address someone directly in a group chat on Discord. Then you can press and hold the message that you want to reply to and choose the reply option. Another way to address someone directly is via typing @ and typing the name of the user who you want to address in a group chat in Discord.

What does Quoting do on Discord?

Whenever you quote a message on Discord, you are highlighting a specific message or replying to someone in a group chat. Hence, if you use quotes on Discord, you are simply highlighting the message in a group or private conversation as well.

How can I reply to a specific message in Discord?

To reply to a particular message in Discord, head to the conversation and locate the message to which you guys want to reply. Tap on the three dots next to the message and then click on the quote. The Discord will automatically quote the message and you can easily reply to that particular message. Or also you can hold the message on which you want to reply and choose the reply option.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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