Qualcomm makes fast charging even faster

Qualcomm Fast Charge
Written by Hassan Abbas

Starting next year, smartphones with Qualcomm processors will charge even faster, including wirelessly. Qualcomm has become the main newsmaker of this week. The American chip maker introduced a powerful Snapdragon 675 processor for mobile devices of the middle class, told which brands of smartphones will receive 5G support, and also announced the upcoming update of fast charging technology.

At the 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong, Qualcomm announced the upcoming improvement in fast charging. In 2019, the company will increase the power of the chargers from the current 18W at QuickCharge 4 to 32W, and the power of wireless charging with the new technology will increase from 12 to 15W. In other words, smartphones on the new flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Snapdragon 865 chips will receive support for 32-watt charging.

Qualcomm Fast Charge

Increase the power and, accordingly, speed up charging, will allow the transition to technology Triple Charge. The QuickCharge 4+ system, which was announced a year ago, uses Dual Charge technology when the incoming current is divided into two streams, which reduces the charging time and reduces heating. Apparently, in Triple Charge, the current will be divided into three streams already. How much faster the charging of mobile devices will be, is not specified.

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It is worth noting that Qualcomm is not the only one who offers fast charging for mobile devices. Thus, Oppo smartphones support proprietary SuperVOOC charging technology with a power of 50 W, Huawei has a fast charge Supercharge of 40 W, and the charging power of Vivo smartphones reaches 22.5 W.

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