Qualcomm Demands iPhone Sales Ban on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Written by Hassan Abbas

In addition to the old iPhone, Qualcomm is trying to force Apple to stop selling new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR in China. Apparently, Qualcomm is not going to stop at what has been achieved in a dispute with Apple. After the company achieved in court a ban on sales in China of some already outdated iPhone models, the American chipmaker again asks the court to do the same, only for new Apple smartphones – iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

The new lawsuit may exacerbate the already serious conflict between the two companies. Moreover, Apple ignored the latest court decision. According to the company, the ban on the sale in China of its smartphones applies only to devices that are running iOS 11 and earlier. Since the current version of the software is currently iOS 12, it will continue to sell smartphones in the Chinese market.


The Financial Times claims that there is no mention of the iPhone software version in the court ruling. Nevertheless, Apple admits that even if Qualcomm does win the case, the patents will not be infringed by the latest version of the operating system. This automatically means that the company can continue to sell their smartphones.

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Such a move by Qualcomm is an additional pressure on Apple to persuade the Cupertins to negotiate. Both companies are waging a lengthy legal war, and Qualcomm has largely been on the losing side. In many countries of the world, an American chip maker began to be fined for a monopolistic position on the market and abuse of its position.

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