PvP-Mode will Appear in Pokemon Go Until the End of the Year, probably

Pokemon Go
Written by Hassan Abbas

You might think that the Pokémon Go is no longer as popular as it once was, and the developers probably abandoned the project. Of course, the game can not boast the same online base that it was when launched, but it’s still one of the most popular entertainment in the world, and Niantic Studio does not just update the game, but creates important updates, albeit with a noticeable delay.

So, it became known that until the end when the authors plan to add a full-fledged PvP-mode, which was expected at least a year ago but began to be interested even more active after the appearance of the opportunity to trade in the game.

Pokemon Go

Most likely, in reality, the process will take several times more time, but the head of the marketing department himself started talking about it, so we are dealing not just with rumors. Most likely, by the time the new function appears, the game will again expand its audience several dozen times.

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