PUBG’s Map Selecting Feature Will be Available in Xbox One Version!

PUBG's Map Selecting Feature
Written by Hassan Abbas

The map selection feature will also be available for the Xbox One version. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which has become increasingly sophisticated with numerous updates it receives, will soon offer Xbox One gamers the ability to select maps on their computer and mobile versions.

PUBG's Map Selecting Feature

PUBG’s Map Selecting Feature

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds played on more than 50 million PCs, Xbox One and mobile platforms, provide players with an increasingly playable atmosphere. The production, developed by PUBG Corp, continues to be played by a very large audience in our country. Selected as the best online game of the year, PUBG will also optimize the map selection feature for computer and mobile platform versions to the Xbox One version soon.

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Players could play on a random map beforehand. With an update that lasted for months, players were given the opportunity to play on the map they requested. While there were two different maps in the vote, new Sanhok map was presented to the players in the past week. Map selection features unknown when Xbox One is unknown. With the upcoming updates to the game, the error rate will continue to be reduced. Now, Xbox One players will be able to choose from maps and enjoy the game.

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