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PUBG Mobile Lite allows you to Play PUBG on Low-End Devices

PUBG Mobile Lite
Written by Hassan Abbas

The Battle Royale genre on mobile devices is living the best moment of its short life. To a large number of quality games that are already in the Android, we have added the arrival of Fortnite. But the original title is still making moves to remain the king of the genre in our smartphones and that’s why PUBG Mobile Lite has appeared. We are facing a reduced version of the original game that aims to bring the PUBG brand to all mobile devices, however, humble some may be.

PUBG Mobile Lite

We are about to get lost as much product of the PUBG family that we have in Android. Recently the BETA version came out to test functionalities before anyone else and one of the two exclusive games in the Asian market starts to have quite crazy (and fun) features. The new PUBG Mobile Lite has landed so that Android terminals with more humble characteristics can get on the Battle Royale train. That’s why the Lite version of PUBG Mobile only requires Android 4.0.3 and is optimized for smartphones and tablets with less RAM.

Price: To be announced

After throwing us a few games, as you can see on our YouTube channel, the truth is that we have not noticed too many graphic grievances: the game looks good, although it is clear that it does not have the high-resolution graphics that PUBG Mobile has. The gameplay is the same as always, although there is a small “: the games have a maximum of 40 people in a 2X2 map. We may not have such massive games, but we won a game that can be enjoyed by a wider spectrum of people.

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PUBG Mobile Lite, for now, can only be played from the Philippines, but you can download this work from Uptodown and without geographical restriction problems. A title that still has most of the features of PUBG Mobile, although we can only play it with 40 people from all over the world.

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