PUBG, First Time Steam Download!

Written by Hassan Abbas

Yet Steam from Early Access Game as published millions of players reaching PUBG, until today, had not yet been cut.

As of last night, the production, which went down by 33 percent in Steam, will continue its sales as 46.23 TL instead of 69.00 TL until July 5th. PUBG, which has been releasing for the first time ever since its release, announced that it has entered a download to celebrate its 50 million players. It has 13 different language options and it also has a Turkish language option. In the fight for survival, there is a unique content and immersive atmosphere.



Developed by PUBG Corp., the Xbox One is being played on PC and Android platform. Having reached 50 million players, the PUBG has been far behind Fortnite while continuing to maintain its successful track record. Fortnite is considered to be the most influential factor in its spread so much that it is free. Simultaneously, the production, which is played by 20 million players per month, appeals to more than 50 million people in total.

On December 21, 2017, the PUBG, which was confronted by the first time in history entered the download last night. The discount will continue until July 5th.

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