PUBG: a military pass in the style of Fortnite, a trailer for a new card, the first sale on Steam

PUBG combat pass
Written by Hassan Abbas

Fortnite Battle Royale uses the system of “combat passes”: the game has a scale of progress that fills as you progress. It is divided into two lines: the first for everyone, but with a reduced number of any bonuses, and the second for those who will pay some money, but with generous rewards. Something similar will soon work in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Corp. told about a new system of incentives in the Steam community. The PUBG combat pass is called the Event Pass. It includes exclusive awards and assignments. Items from the Event Pass cannot be sold or transferred. The events of each pass last four weeks.

PUBG combat pass

PUBG combat pass

According to the developers, people who did not pay for the Event Pass, too, pass a pass, but on a permanent basis can unlock only one subject. Apparently, many other “unlock” will be temporary. In this case, the progress of the paid line of bonuses also accumulates. Therefore, you can start the event with a free pass, and after a while, buy a full version and immediately get those items from the second set, which you already have enough experience.

The first Event Pass is timed to the release of the “Sanok” card. The pass will include thematic items, daily and weekly assignments, as well as missions created specifically for the new PUBG location. The first Event Pass will be launched simultaneously with the “Sanok” card – June 22nd.

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In addition, PUBG Corp. boasted of fresh statistics. Sales of PUBG on PC and Xbox One exceeded 50 million copies. The total number of players on all platforms (including the mobile version) exceeds 400 million. Every day 87 million gamers come to different versions of PUBG.

In honor of such achievements, PUBG Corp. arranges the first official sale of the game on Steam. Before July 5 PUBG can is purchased at a discount of 33% for $10. Do not forget that the cost includes all the important upcoming content updates – developers are not going to take money for new maps.

In conclusion, PUBG Corp. recalls that Donat Dance with the Event Pass is not the only thing the company does. Developers continue to improve performance, eliminate bugs and fight cheaters. Partial confirmation is a list of changes in the patch that the “Sanok” card adds.

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