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Products in Google Search: How to Appear?

Products in Google Search
Written by Hassan Abbas

Products in Google Search: Having rebuilt its Shopping feature last fall, Google is now bringing more tools to help you find and purchase things easily. This latest feature being added to Search. It will let you purchase fashion products including clothes, shoes, and accessories directly on the Google Search page.

What’s the new Google Search tool all about

As a user, you would be able to view products, select from different designs/colors. Also, choose a store to purchase from by looking for clothing items of Google Search. The latest tool can also help users compare choices, get fashion inspiration and finally. Ddecide what to purchase without leaving the Search page.

For instance, if you type “Denim shirts” will get you all the denim shirts that are available for purchase. Choose through the options, select a color, read reviews & ratings and at last, purchase a product from the store of your choice. Also, it depends on availability and pricing.

How it works

You can use the latest tool to find a specific clothing item and check popular products from stores across the web. Google says the feature has been made possible by its search index that checks products from over a million online stores.

Users will also be able to filter through items by size, department, and style. You can also read reviews and ratings to search for products that have received good feedback. Once you’re done choosing, you can select to purchase from one of the retailers from their relevant links.

Can you use the new Search tool to sell products?

Yes. Google notes that retailers can include their eligible products under apparel and accessories for free. Sellers can also use their Merchant Center product feed to upload their product data to Google. These products will also be visible to customers through Google Search and Image Search in non-ad results.

Advantages of using Merchant Center as a seller

  • Good visibility on Google: Listing your products on Surfaces Across Google will ensure shoppers to find your store when looking for a product.
  • It’s free: The products on Merchant Center feeds enter into Surfaces across Google so that they surface in Search results. Its all done for free, without the selling needing to make an extra payment.
  • Expanding your customer base: Uploading your product data to display on Google will bring in more customers to your website, thus improving your business.

How to: Google Search to list your products

Merchants can sell apparel and accessory products through Google’s visually rich Search results by following the guide below.

Step 1:

Firstly, Sign in to your Merchant Center account. As it enables you to get your shop and product info into Google. Make sure if you don’t have a Merchant Center account, create one.

Step 2:

On the left navigation menu, click on Products.

Step 3:

To see individual settings for your different feeds, click on Feeds.

You will now see the “Surfaces Across Google” section in the column labeled ‘Destination’. From here you can set attributes to multiple details of your product.

Step 4:

Set the multiple attributes to submitted products to Surfaces Across Google for good visibility.

Attributes to set when submitting products

Google suggests that merchants fill up their product pages with the following attributes to be more visible in search results.

Grouping product variants together

Using the item_group_id attribute, you will be able to move different variants of the same product in a group to easy access to shoppers.

Choosing the item’s primary color

Select the primary color of your product and use grouping for multiple color variants.

Submitting multiple sizes of an item

Also, Specify the size of your product and use the item_group_id attribute to enter different size variants of the same product.

Explain the item’s pattern

You can also add the different patterns implemented on your product and group different patterns under the same item.

Specifying the gender

Using the ‘gender’ attribute, you can just specify which gender your product is designed for. If the product isn’t defined for a specific gender, submit it as “unisex”.

Selecting the age group your product is intended for

You will have to select the ‘age_group‘ attribute to specify the demographic your product is designed for. This attribute can be tagged along with ‘gender‘ to define the exact size category.

Standardize your product size

Submit the ‘size_type,size_system‘ attribute to specify the standardized size of your product.

Specify the kind of fabric used

You can also indicate the primary materials used in your product like cotton, leather, denim, etc.

Mention your product condition

Using the ‘condition‘ attribute’ as it indicates whether your product condition.

  • Used
  • New

Grouping different items that are similar

Use the ‘multipack‘ attribute just to indicate if your product is different from similar items like “5 pairs of woolen socks”.

How to make sure your products show up on Search effectively

Submitting your product to the Merchant Center is the best thing. But ensure your products show up on searches is a whole different ball game. To capitalize on the latest rich search tool, you should make sure you follow the guideline mentioned below.

  • Submit the relevant attributes as mentioned above.

Completed attributes will ensure your product is visible under any category it’s searched for.

  • Provide high-quality images.

When shopping online, people rely on your product images to check what to buy. A higher resolution picture will prove to make an impression over a low-quality image. Attributes to good quality images include using models to display apparel and accessories. Keeping a solid background for photos, more images and higher resolution of photos uploaded for the product.

  • Use enhanced product titles.

The title should be ready in this order – [Brand – Product Type – Main features of product] all of which should be present in the first 70 characters of the title. The main attributes added to your title include brand, size type, personalization options, gender, age group, pattern, color, material, size, etc.

  • Color-matched

Make sure that the product image matches the color available in the title. This will avoid shoppers getting confused or your product getting disapproved.

  • Provide product types for better searches.

When people look for apparel, they might not be looking for their own product. But selecting the right product section will ensure your product is also visible to them through related products.

  • Group identical items available in multiple variants into one.

This will enable the user to browse through all of the other models of your product easily.

  • Specify accurate contact details

Also, in your store, you enter correct contact information, including a telephone number, email, etc.

  • Secure Transitions

Transactions should be secure and conducted over SSL-protected servers.


Here’s all about products in Google Search. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else. Feel free and drop a comment.

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

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