Pre-Order Galaxy Note 9 will give 15 thousand. V-Bucks in Fortnite

Fortnite Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

The company Samsung have come up with an ingenious solution to improve the new smartphone sales. And it’s not a new camera or design.

Fortnite Android

Fans have been waiting for the release Fortnite on the Android mobile platform. In May, developers of the popular product reported that before the end of the summer, all owners of smartphones based on Google’s operating system will be able to plunge into the exciting virtual battle. More recently, data have appeared that Epic Games, Fortnite developer, and Samsung will collaborate to launch a royal battle to Android in the form of exclusivity for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . Within 30 days, the owners of the new flagship of the Korean company will fight in the battle, while the other players can only envy waiting in the wings.

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In addition, there is information that Fortnite for Android will be exclusive to the entire Galaxy line within three months after the release, and all owners of pre-order at Note 9 will give 15 thousand. V-Bucks. This is a decent gift, because at Epic Games project, and is distributed for free, inside there is a built-in purchase. For a virtual currency you can buy a combat badge, characters skins, dancing, emotions and styles to pick. Gamers have already spent more than $1 billion on purchases Fortnite, and with the release of Android-profits will be even higher. It is for this reason that the developers abandoned the launch of the product in Google Play – the game can be downloaded from the official Epic Games website. This solution allows the creators do not give part of the profits in Google piggy bank.

Fortnite samsung

Samsung Epic Games and cooperation has borne fruit – the new flagship and so actively discussed in the network, but now the hype surrounding the announcement even higher than that of Apple before the presentation of the next iPhone. The cost of 15 thousand. Virtual dollars is about $150, that is, the owners of Note 9 make a good gift, in addition to all the new features and benefits of a smartphone. It is disappointing in this situation, only that a month Fortnite on Android can run only the happy owners of the Korean leader.

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