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Pop The Ice Apk – Download v7.0 Latest Version

Pop The Ice Apk
Written by Hassan Abbas

A Stylish Design Game:

Pop The Ice ApkPop The Ice – casual arcade on the reaction speed with stylish design levels. Try yourself in the role of a bartender, who in the most unusual ways is engaged in making cocktails. The work of the bartender is not so simple, here and in this game we are invited to deliver an ice cube in a glass located at the furthest table reception we will do it in a very unusual way.

You will see a glass with a piece of ice, which must be delivered to the very top. The glass moves independently from one part of the screen to the other. To smuggle an ice cube, it will be enough to tap on the screen in time, but you need to do this at the moment when there is another glass above you. The levels become more and more difficult each time, you have to play in pitch darkness, and any error leads to instant loss.


+ A Stylish design of levels
+ One-finger control
+ Over 90 levels
+ Reaction speed and mindfulness training
+ Table of world leaders

Pop The Ice Apk

You need to use different glasses to catch an ice cube on different floors; these cunning glasses can slide, fade or explode at any time. Whenever you beat the bosses and reach the top floor, you will receive new cocktails as gifts! Be careful, if you drop an ice cube, you fail the mission.

Pop The Ice Apk – Download v7.0 Latest Version

Pop The Ice Apk

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