Pokémon Quest is the Next Nintendo Game that will come to Android

Pokémon Quest
Written by Hassan Abbas

We have a new game of Nintendo insight: Pokémon Quest is the new estate in the eternal franchise created by GAME FREAK. A game different from the Pokémon titles to which we are accustomed and that the owners of Nintendo Switch can already enjoy for free. But do not be discouraged, the game will reach mobile devices at the end of June.

We’ve already begun to lose track of the Pokémon games that are available on Android. Something always positive for the fans and for the growth of the mobile medium. Pokémon Quest will arrive with a desire to party since it is a free game in which we can make IAP purchases if that is what we want. From Polygon have already echoed some packs that will cost between 5 and 18 dollars.

Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest

Something that does not surprise us too much in these times, although we hope that they are not an impediment for those who want to play completely free. But we are a little ahead of the events since we have not yet talked about the main thing: what is Pokémon Quest about?

The action of the new Pokémon game takes place on an island (Tumblecube Island) where we will notice that the traditional Pokémon now have an aspect closer to Minecraft than to the work of Nintendo. Seeing Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Eevee and other pets converted to the voxel is quite curious and their movement across the terrain will go hand in hand with their new look. A movement that we can not control since our Pokémon will move at will, approaching all enemies that are on the way to end them.

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Our job is to choose the hits that we want to promote with the team of three that we will control, very much in line with other Android RPGs.Luckily, not everything will combat and we will have a base that we can customize at will with several objects that we will discover on stage (or we can buy directly).

Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest

In addition, we can cook different recipes that will bring new Pokémon to the camp to join our company. Some game features that the usual players of the mobile medium we have seen rarely, although never in a Pokémon game. This game will also allow us to improve each of our Pokémon with Power Stones, based on training or with the always interesting evolution. Let it not be said that we do not have possibilities.

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This surprising announcement was not the only one of the day, since they have also shown two new Pokémon games that will come to Nintendo Switch and that are linked to Pokémon GO : they have already announced that we will be able to send gifts between games, which will include new Pokémon, and that there will be special events. Of course, we will have to wait a bit to discover these new ones since the games will arrive on November 16, 2018.

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