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Pokémon Go:How to Scan PokéStop

Pokémon Go
Written by Hassan Abbas

Pokémon Go

In  Pokémon Go, a new and exciting feature is coming. Pokémon Go is a favorite game of many game lovers. The new feature is an AR Mapping task. The  AR Mapping task allows players to scan objects at PokéStops.  This is because they complete their daily Field Research task. In this article, we are going to explain the PokéStop Scan feature in the Pokémon Go game.  So let’s have a look.

What is PokéStop Scanning?

This is a feature available inside the Pokémon Go game. It allows users to record a video or capture a set of frames of the PokéStops game. Also, record the  Gyms around their area.  The game will generate a 3D version of the real-world objects. It generates the 3D version when you scan an object at a PokéStop. After that, it updates its 3-D maps at runtime in real-time. It creates 3D animation at the run time.


Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go Things needed to try forPokéStop :

In the PokéStop Scanning feature in the Pokémon Go game. You will need the following things.

  •  If you are using PokéStop with child accounts. You will not be able to  perform PokéStop Scanning in Pokémon Go
  • At least level 20 of the game you will have to be reached
  • Pokémon GO Trainer
  • On an iPhone 6s, you are running Pokémon Go. You can also run on the Android 7.0+ device with Google Play Services.

To enable the PokéStop Scan in the Pokémon Go game:

  • First of all, you have to ensure that you have all the things compulsory to scan the  PokéStop. If your thing completely available after that you can now move to open the Pokemon Go game. Now click on the PokéBall icon available at the bottom center of the screen.

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option available on the top right corner of the screen.

Pokémon Go

  • You have to turn On the Enable PokéStop Scan option in the settings. It is available in the PokéStop Scan area.

Pokémon Go

By following the above procedure you can enable PokéStop Scan in the game. Now you can scan objects easily and also shape in and around your location for daily tasks.

To Scan PokéStops in Pokémon Go:

  • To scan some stuff in AR you have to enable the  PokéStop Scan in the Pokémon Go game. First of all move to the Pokéstop or Gym. After that click on the Pokéstop available in the Pokémon Go map.

Pokémon Go

  • Now you will be able to view the location’s in your photo gallery. Click on the right arrow available at the top right corner of the screen.

  • The picture that was available in the Photo gallery that can expand on your screen. After that click on the 3 dots icon available at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click on the Scan Pokéstop option.

  • It will notify you to scan watchful and be admiring to others. Click on the OK button. It will move you to the camera screen.

Pokémon Go

  • Click on the camera button to start recording when you are ready to start the scanning of the object. To cover it from different angles you have to walk around the object.

Pokémon Go

  • When you move around the object, around the shutter button a red bar is filling up., Pokémon Go will prepare the scan when the red bar circle completely full. For review purposes, it will load on your screen. You will be shown when the scan automatically starts the different frames will start showing.
  • Now click on the Upload now button available at the bottom of the screen. And then confirm to upload it. You can also start rescanning by tapping on the Rescan button available at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Pokémon Go

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