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PokeMMO Allows You to Play Classic Pokémon on Android online

Written by Hassan Abbas

PokeMMO is far from unknown since its version for Windows has been available for a long time. It is an adaptation of the original titles of Nintendo DS created by amateurs that allows online games with coaches in real time in the regions of those titles. The trick is that the original ROM of some of these games is required to work, from which all the necessary resources are extracted. Recently its creators have developed a port of their client for Android devices that is already fully functional.

PokeMMO needs, at least, the Black / White Pokemon ROM to work, but if we also have Fire Red / Emerald Pokemon from Game Boy Advance we can visit, in addition to the Unova region, those of Kanto and Hoenn. And as the icing on the cake, if we want to improve the graphics of the game, we can also associate the Gold ROM HeartGold and Silver SoulSilver. All the graphics of the game are extracted from the original games, not including any resource in the app and therefore, bordering on illegality issues in a very smart way.


The game allows us to access a game server where we can customize our avatar and start our journey as coaches in one of the three areas mentioned. The control system is done through virtual controls, being able to kick all the zones while interacting with other real players in real time, whether to chat, fight or exchange Pokémon. The actual progression is based on the one used by the original titles for each of the areas, keeping in mind both the mapping and the combat and capture system.


PokeMMO, unlike other titles made by fans, is ‘robust’ in terms of the reliability of its servers and implementation of all game content. It is a persistent world in which by connecting we will return to the point where we are. We can enroll in online tournaments against other players that will be made in real time and, ultimately, we will live in that world that many unsuccessfully searched in Pokemon GO.

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To install the game, in addition to the APK required (available both on its official website and on Uptodown), we will have to have the decompressed ROMs of the mentioned games also on our terminal. When we start the game and we make an account (the whole process is free), we will have a configuration menu from which we can link these files to the game. After choosing a server and customize our coach we can start.

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