PlayStation Classic can run games from a flash drive

PlayStation Classic
Written by Hassan Abbas

Hack a new console from Sony can literally two or three minutes. For this, as it turned out, you do not need to be a hacker. In September, Sony officially announced its retro PlayStation Classic console. Gamers liked the news – for only $99, you can get some analog of the PS1 in a more compact package and with a modern HDMI output, allowing you to connect the console to a TV or monitor.

The only drawback of the product is that you cannot officially install additional games on the PlayStation Classic. The memory of the device recorded twenty religious projects, but you can’t add anything else. Fortunately, there were craftsmen in the network who successfully hacked the console and told how to do it to others.

The author of the YouTube channel ETA PRIME, which specializes in various emulators of retro games, released a video on how you can just play PlayStation Classic in just a couple of minutes and get the opportunity to launch third-party games. To do this, he needed a flash drive, which needs to be formatted in FAT32, hacking files, a computer with Notepad ++ and the prefix itself. Hacker, if you can call it that, copied files to the drive for hacking, installed a flash drive in the PlayStation Classic, then changed one file and repeated the procedure. Now you can download any original games to the USB flash drive and run them in a simple way.

The whole process of hacking, except for the time to explain what is happening on the screen, takes about two minutes. You will be able to find all the necessary files in the description of the author’s video, then you just need to watch the video and do everything according to the instructions. Even the English do not need to know, everything is shown as clearly as possible.

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Now the retro console of the PlayStation Classic seems to be more attractive because the gamer will not have any restrictions – you launch any classic that comes to mind. The only question is whether the hacking is discarded and what to do if something goes wrong?

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