PlayStation 5 will get backward compatibility with old games

Written by Hassan Abbas

Sony wants the new console to have as many new and old games as possible at the start of sales. Success is guaranteed. The life cycle of the console PlayStation 4 is coming to an end. PS4 Pro has already been released, which means the release of the fifth version is not far off. To ensure the success of the new generation, Sony must implement backward compatibility with old games. On this account, the Japanese invented a whole technology of “remasters on the fly”.

The network has published a patent by Sony, which describes the algorithm for running games from the old PlayStation on the next generation of the console. In the patent documents it is quite difficult to make out exactly what it says, but using the textures as an example, you can understand that Sony will have a certain database of new textures and other assets for old games. When you start the game from the disks (or from the digital library) for the old consoles from this database, the updated textures are downloaded and in some incredible way replaced on the screen.


The patent does not explicitly state that this technology was created for the PlayStation 5, but this is an obvious hint. Most likely, the main focus will be on PS3 games, while PS4 titles look good and will keep a decent view for several years to come. Perhaps the Japanese will not forget about the classics with PS1 and PS2.

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Does Microsoft realize something similar for the next generation Xbox – we’ll see in the coming years?

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