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How to Play MMORPG Black Desert Mobile for PC on Windows

How to Play MMORPG Black Desert Mobile for PC on Windows
Written by Hassan Abbas

The MMORPGs are still a genre in vogue as shown by Black Desert Online, which is among the 20 titles with more concurrent players on Steam. If the PC version has these credentials, it is obvious that its move to Android devices is highly anticipated by the faithful of the genre. After having more than 4 million pre-registered users in South Korea, Black Desert Mobile was published in that country.

Although the data for its future international launch is still unknown, we can still play this version. Of course, given the regional obstacles that the game puts, the best way to do it is to use an Android PC emulator. Bluestacks is considered the best one, so we always use that one. However, for this certain game, we can’t use Bluestacks instead we are using LDPlayer.

How to Play MMORPG Black Desert Mobile for PC on Windows

A tool of Korean origin not so well known but it is capable of running fluent hard-to-digest titles like the recent Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for Android. The latest beta that supports the game can be downloaded from below. The installation process is quite simple. Just press the orange button to install it in the default route and after waiting a few moments we can start it.

What you need:

How to Play MMORPG Black Desert Mobile for PC

Step 1: Download and Install the LDPlayaer.  Navigate to the settings by clicking on the gear icon on the right and change the Language to use this emulator in English.

Step 2: Once done, proceed to install the game. Open the browser installed in it and download the MMORPG Black Desert Mobile apk.

Step 3: For the first time, it will ask for your Google account, although we can skip this step. But it is advisable to associate your user profile so you can use it anywhere else with same progress.

Step 4: Then accept the terms and conditions by Pressing on the three blades to continue ahead.

Step 5: Now, the game will download 2.22GB of data from its servers so better be patient cause you have to wait.

Step 6: Once done, you will see the main menu of the game, where you will be asked to link your progress with an account You can choose from Facebook, Google or you can enter as a guest.

Step 7: Next, you get to choose a nickname for the account. Now you have to enter an email account again to link it to the account.

Step 8: Finally, choose any server you see and start playing the game.

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