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Ways To Play 3D Games On PC Citra Emulator _Tutorial

Play 3D Games On PC
Written by Lara John

 Play 3D Games On PC

By using this guide, you will learn that how to play 3D games on a PC. Then you will also need to use the Citra 3D Emulator. Now, Citra has not quite reached Phin’s level of compatibility and accuracy. Then nevertheless it will also perform admirably well. Also having a good number of the most popular 3D games are completely playable on the emulator, to boot.

A Citra also offers some of the truly unique benefits. This is namely if it is not under the limitations of the original 3D hardware. Now, you can also run the games at a much higher resolution on Citra. So, then you could get on your 3DS. After that, you can also add a few other graphical tweaks, too. Using Pokémon Sun/Moon, you can also remove the jagged black lines that are from around character and environmental models. This is for a crystal-clear gaming experience it also makes a huge difference. In case, if the idea of playing your favorite 3DS games with such amazing clarity appeals to you, read on!

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How To Downloading and Installing Citra _ Play 3D Games On PC?

The very First thing is that you will also need to download the Citra itself. You have to do this and move over to the Citra download page. It is the best balance between performance and stability. Also, we will recommend taking one of the Bleeding Edge that builds instead of Nightly builds.

 Play 3D Games On PC

You have to click on the Windows icon that is available on the most recent of the Bleeding Edge builds to download it. Now, You will also ask to download CitraSetup.exe. Now, go ahead and also allow this. You have to wait for Citra to finish just by downloading before continuing this guide.

When Citra is done downloading then open up the CitraSetup application just by clicking on the .exe. Luckily, installing that pretty painless application, Running up the .exe will automatically install the program and then open it for you. When you have done that, you can now open Citra any time you like by simply opening Citra from your Start Menu. Then the auto-created Desktop shortcut.

In case, if you ever want to update Citra. Then simply download the latest CitraSetup.exe and also run it. Now, it will also replace the current installation of Citra that is available on your system with the newest one. So, that you have installed the Citra. Then there is still a lot of configuration to do. Moreover, It is possible to wonder that how to even get those 3DS games onto your PC.

How To Get/ Play 3D Games On PC?

So, Before we discuss that how to tweak your 3D games on Citra. This will also let you e a look at how to actually obtain those games on your PC. Now, there are two main methods:

A Method 1: To Rip Your 3D Game Cards (Recommended)

You can also Use GodMode 9 or Decrypt9WIP and then the data that is from your game cards with this guide.

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A Method 2: To Download Your 3DS Games and play Play 3D Games On PC

You have to download your 3D games then you can also use Wii U USB Helper. A Wii U USB Helper that will allow some of the users. You have to download the Wii U and 3DS games/DLC straight from Nintendo’s servers. Now, by saving people in the trouble of sifting through shifty sites or dumping their own games from their systems. Although, you have to use USB Helper to download your games. Then you will also need to have system title keys for 3D games. So, We can’t provide these for you, and then we don’t condone illegal methods of obtaining them.

You have to open 3DS games when you have to download them. Now, by navigating you have to the appropriate executable file from within Citra and then click on “Open.”

Moreover Notes: By Getting 3DS System Archives:

This is For certain games. It is just like the Pokémon titles, then you will need to have 3D System Archives in your Citra folder. You have to get these system archives, and you will also need to dump them off of your own 3DS with this guide or download them online somewhere. Now, loading these files is also a legally shaky area. Although, we won’t provide any links to them here.

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How To Protect Your Privacy with NordVPN?

Most of the activities that surround the emulation fall into legal grey areas. This is even if you follow all the rules that you may still be targeted by overzealous ISPs or government regulations. It depends on where you live. So, That is why we always recommend that you protect yourself and your data online just by using a virtual private network.

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How To Configure the Controls?

In case, if you are familiar with emulation. Then you may also tempt and then head to Citra’s Input Configuration Menu and also bind your gamepad functions that way.

Although, this is not what we are going to be doing. So, This menu is also clunky, and then analog controls and don’t work nearly as well when configured this way. Apart from this, you will also want to change a Citra configuration file. You have to play 3DS games on PC with any degree of true precision. You have to make this easier. So, we will highly recommend installing Notepad++ if you haven’t already.

 Play 3D Games On PC

Then let us find our way to the file we need to change. A very First thing is that you have to click on the “Start” and then type “File Explorer”. You have to open the program. So, you should get a screen that will look something like this. (Ignore my stolen memes folder.)

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You have to click on the toolbar above frequent folders, and then type “%AppData%”, and then hit Enter. Using your AppData folder, find and enter the Citra folder.

Then you have to go to the config. You have to Right-click on the qt-config file and then select “Edit With Notepad++”. After that, you are in Notepad++, and then you should see a screen like this. So, This section is what we will be replacing. Then Copy the following text:



















So, you will highlight the entire [Controls] section. Then right-click on it and then select “Paste”. Now, your screen should also look like this:

You have to save the config file and then close the document. Also, Your games with Citra should now be easily controllable with any XInput-compatible gamepad.

How To Configure Performance Settings for 3D Games?

So, Within the Emulation, you have to click on the configuration menu. Now, there are actually not too many performance settings to worry about. So, You will also want to make sure that “Enable CPU JIT” is checked in the General Tab.

Using your graphics settings that are available where things will get interesting. You have to Make sure that your options match up with mine. Now, you may experience slowdowns/speedups/performance issues in general.


So, This has the city to change your resolution is also a big benefit. Now, The default 3D resolution is a meager 240p. After that the 3D setting and also the smaller screen tha make this look surprisingly sharp. Now, this resolution will also likely look horrible on your monitor. After that, we recommend starting at the below 1080p-like resolution as a baseline. By lowering it if you experience performance issues in certain games. Now, For instance, Kingdom Hearts 3D works well in Citra, but can’t be emulated above Native without performance penalties.

In case, if you have a modern gaming PC. Then you should be able to push your Citra resolution quite high. Now, this is not very GPU-intensive, so you should be able to make your games look better than ever with ease. Now, we will also recommend setting Screen Layout to “Large Screen” available on most games. You have to take a look at Ocarina of Time 3D with these graphics settings!

A Recommended Games with Good Compatibility:

  • Having A Link Between Worlds
  • The Ocarina of Time 3D
  • A Majora’s Mask 3D
  • The Sonic Generations
  • A Super Mario 3D Land
  • Mario Kart 7
  • A Super Smash Bros
  • A Pokémon Sun/Moon
  • The Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire


Also, with the games that you can play on Citra. Now, these are also the ones that will seem to work the best on the emulator and you should also provide minimal case if any additional configuration from this guide. So, These are also having thessic games of the highest caliber (system sellers, even). So, we will highly recommend them if you want to have the best possible Citra experience!

When you try out Citra yourself and then play some other games. You have to feel free to comment below and also let us know what you are playing. Now, You can also contribute to the Citra Compatibility to help find what games are compatible and also report the compatibility bugs some might have.

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A Citra also offers some of the truly unique benefits. This is namely if it is not under the limitations of the original 3D hardware. Moreover, you have to stay up to date on the latest in Citra and Emulation. So, we will highly recommend following Simply Austin and BSoD Gaming. Also, they will post a lot of great video guides and news updates on 3DS emulation! So, this is all about play 3d games on pc.

Enjoy your games!

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