Plantronics enters wireless race with new headphones

BackBeat Go
Written by Hassan Abbas

Plantronics has announced the release of a whole set of five headphones designed to refresh the whole model of BackBeat Go and BackBeat Fit. BackBeat Fit 3100 steel headliner series. The BackBeat Fit 3100 exterior design is similar to the older version of the BackBeat Fit with a round body. The design here is more daring, with a metallic iridescent surface “gradient”, which today seems to be popular among technical devices.

Like many sports headphones, the BackBeat Fit 3100 is equipped with soft silicone ear hooks for better fixation in the ear. They also use the special Always Aware tips that sit outside your ear canal, so you can hear outside sounds when you train outdoors. BackBeat Fit 3100 has a slightly larger driver of 13.5 mm (compared to 13 mm for old Fit) and a lower frequency range from 20–20 000 Hz. These headphones have IP57 moisture protection, improved Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and boast 5 hours of battery life. Plus two more charges from the charging case with a capacity of 740 mAh which comes in the kit will increase the total listening time to an impressive 15 hours, and of course, we have not forgotten about the microphone. Not bad performance right?

BackBeat Go

Let’s move on, BackBeat Fit 2100 is essentially a direct upgrade to those very old BackBeat Fit. Their design and specifications are identical with the BackBeat Fit 3100, which we discussed above, which means the same 13.5-millimeter drivers, improved frequency range, IP57 moisture protection, Bluetooth 5.0 and Always Aware special tips. The only difference is that Fit 2100 has in its design the presence of the neckband as it was in the old version. At this time, the entire neckband is a flexible silicone, so it is more durable and easier to hide in a bag or pockets. The battery life started about 7 hours.

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Plantronics also updated the old BackBeat Fit 300/305, now they are called BackBeat Fit 350. However, looking at their specification, nothing much has changed. They still have a 6mm driver, 6 hours of operation from a single charge, waterproof and waterproof IPX5, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology. In fact, these are the same specifications that were in the Fit 300/305. Even the design of the headphones, the cable and the large control buttons of the headset, everything is left alone. The only difference seems to be that they moved from the old headphone design to the earhook earplug design, which should contribute to a better fit and fit.

BackBeat fit

BackBeat Go became the fourth in line, which in turn can boast of dual-mode active noise cancellation technology, and became a direct update of BackBeat Pro 2. They are equipped with speakers with a diameter of 40mm and Bluetooth 5.0 and are able to work up to 22 hours using active noise cancellation, and 26 hours without him.

And finally, let’s take a look at BackBeat Go 410, headphones that are interconnected by the classics of the genre wire. Compared to older BackBeat Go 3, they are equipped with larger drivers (10mm vs. 6mm), the best runtime from one charge, it increased to 8 hours using the dual-mode active noise cancellation function, or up to 12 hours without it, this is already your the choice, and of course Bluetooth 5.0. The headphones themselves are equipped with magnets, when you connect them to each other, it will automatically turn off active noise cancellation and Bluetooth, in order to preserve the charge.

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