Pixel Launcher for all devices appeared on Google Play under a different name

Pixel Launcher
Written by Hassan Abbas

Famous developer Amir Zaidi (Amir Zaidi) released his port Pixel Launcher on Google Play for all devices but under a different name – Rootless Launcher. Apparently, the moderation of the “corporation of good” did not miss the application with the original name. The “new” launcher has both an advantage and a disadvantage over the conventional modified Pixel Launcher.

Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher – launcher from Google, officially available only on devices series Pixel. Amir Zaidi has repeatedly ported various assemblies of this user interface, substituting his signature for the ability to install on any smartphone. Over time, the developer began to bring in the modified Pixel Launcher brand-name developments (support for adaptive shortcuts and icons, call curtains notifications with a swipe down from anywhere on the main screen, themes, etc.). Now Amir released his “own” launcher on Google Play, calling the application as Rootless Launcher. It is distributed with open source.

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The advantage of the new program is to automatically check for updates. But the developer was unable to implement native support for Google Feed so that it could appear, users will have to download the additional utility from the server of Amir Zaidi (the launcher suggests doing this soon after the first launch).

Pixel Launcher
Price: Free
Rootless Launcher
Price: Free

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