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Enable & Use Picture-in-Picture In Safari On macOS Catalia

Written by Hassan Abbas

With the macOS Catalina update, users finally get to enjoy an awesome picture-in-picture feature when watching videos in QuickTime Player. And Apple has also brought that same feature to Safari on Mac.

If you are watching a video in Safari on a site like YouTube, for instance, you can enable picture-in-picture for that video with a simple click. This means you can keep doing what you’re doing on your Mac while still checking out that video.

Here’s how to enable and use picture-in-picture in Safari on your Mac.

Enabling picture-in-picture in Safari on Mac

Whether you have the website and video open in its own window or a tab, you can enable picture-in-picture in Safari the same way.

While the video is playing, either right-click or hold Control and click the small volume icon and pick Enter Picture in Picture. This is the same button you would use to mute the sound.

If you have no other tabs open, you’ll see the volume icon in the address bar. If you have the site open in a tab, you’ll see the volume icon on the right of the tab.

Using picture-in-picture in Safari

Once you enable picture-in-picture in Safari, you’ll see the video shrink and move to one of the corners of your screen.

From there, you can click and drag the window to another corner or resize it by dragging one of the edges. You also have your Play/Pause button.

  • To stop the video and return it to the website, click the X in the top left corner.
  • To continue playing the video but return it to the website, click the Picture-in-Picture button in the video window.

When you use this picture-in-picture feature, that video window will remain on top of all other windows you have open. So again, you can continue to work or play on your Mac but keep watching the video.

Wrapping it up

The picture-in-picture feature for Safari is a nice addition to the Catalina update. Are you going to use it? Let us know in the comments below!

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