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People are Experiencing Issues with Apple Music specifically.

Written by Hassan Abbas

Apple launched Apple Music for Artists specifically for musicians that give detailed insight regarding how fans interact with their music. This new feature uses collected data to give artists the tools they need to improve their reach.

Initially, the feature launched after testing to make sure that no adjustments need to be made. After testing is completed and improvements are implemented, Apple will release it in the spring season. Eventually, according to Billboard’s a detailed mobile app will be launched as well.

What’s new with Apple Music?

If you love the song but never remember the lyrics? Thanks to a new Genius friend, full lyrics are now available in the Apple Music app for “thousands of songs.” Additionally, it will also allow you to log in with your Apple Music credentials and start listening to the song there, too.

There’s no word of Behind the Lyrics coming to it anytime soon, but this is still exciting nonetheless.

Some Users experiencing issues with Apple Music specifically:

If you’re having problems with music not playing or apps not updating, you’re not alone. Many of the iMore team have experienced Apple Music refusing to play anything. While I can’t get apps to download from the App Store, either.

The dashboard shows artists an overview of their work’s performance by providing a current number of songs purchases, full album spins, plays, and album purchases. But side-by-side many people experiencing issues with it.

As of the time of writing, Apple was showing all green on its Status Checker¬†but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

If you’re having the same problem, hold tight. We’ve noticed that switching from WiFi to 4G appears to solve the issue for us. That isn’t a viable fix for most people, though.


We’ll be updating this story as and when the situation changes. Hopefully for the better.

Without any worry let us know if you’re having the same problems, too.

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