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Password Protect: To protect Photos On Android

Password Protect
Written by Hassan Abbas

Password protection can help you to protect your photos on your device. In this era, almost everyone uses the mobile more than that Pc. We have to take care of our important data stores in our important files. Our messages, documents,  photos videos, and many other things. Some of our data is personal which we don’t want to share with others. To protect our personal data we definitely need to use a third-party app. If you are using any Samsung you need to use the Secure Folder feature available on your device to lock your private data. Although you can also download the third-party app to lock the data.

What is the Keep Safe Photo Vault?

Keep Safe Vault is one of the best applications. This application is used to hide photos into the vault application. . With this  Keep Safe Photo Vault, you can add all your private photos in a safe lock. After you lock the photos into the vault you can secure it with a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint. Whenever you next open the vault use that pin password to open the vault. In the new version of this app, you can also set the pin codes to a separate album.

What are the Steps to Password Protect Photos on Android devices?

Here are some steps which help you to password-protect photos on an Android device using the Keep Safe Photo Vault. Let’s have a look.

  • First of all, you have to download & install the Keep safe photo vault app on your Android.

Password Protect

  • After that open the app and ask for permission to encrypt your photos & videos from the app.

Password Protect

  • In the next step, create your account with the KeepSafe vault app.

Password Protect

  •  Now you have to set a PIN to protect your data. Make sure that you couldn’t share this pin with anyone.

  • Click on the + button and then click on the Import Photos option available on the screen.

Password Protect

  • After that select the files which you want to add to the safe. When you select the files click on the Import option available on the screen.

  • When you move that file into safe. You will not be able to view these files again in its particular place. Those files are only visible from the safe vault.
  • Click on the three dots to unlock the pattern. After that select the  Settings option. After that select the  Lock Screen option. In the next step select the  Pattern option. Now draw the pattern and confirm the changes.

  • If you want to unlock the locked photos from the keep safe vault. First of all, open the Keep Safe Vault’s image. And then click on the Export button. When a new menu appears on the screen click on the Export option. The photo will be saved in the folder from where it is imported.


This guide is about using a safe vault. Keep Safe Vault is one of the best applications. This application is used to hide photos into the  vault application. . With this  Keep Safe Photo Vault  you can add all your private photos in a safe lock

Hope this article helps you in understanding the usage of keep safe vault. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section.

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