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How to Use Overhauled Reminder App On iOS

Reminder app-iOS-13-iPhone
Written by Hassan Abbas

With so many cool updates to apps like Photos, Safari, and Files with iOS 13, Apple gave the Reminder app a nice facelift as well. Along with an improved look is enhanced functionality that is long happened.

So, what’s new in the Reminders app? Let’s check the new features and how to use this overhauled Reminders app on iOS.

New features in the Reminder app

  • Smart lists
  • Quick toolbar
  • Add subtasks
  • Group lists
  • Customize the appearance for lists
  • Integration with Messages
  • More attachments

Smart lists

One of the first things in the latest and improved Reminders app is the smart lists. These display as boxes at the top of your Reminders screen and include Scheduled, Today, Flagged, and All.

Reminder app-Smart-Lists-Main

Reminders assemble these smart lists to give you an easier and quicker way to navigate to those important tasks.

Quick toolbar

Another most common things you’d need for a reminder the quick toolbar puts four handy buttons right above your keyboard. With a single tap Add any one of them.

  • Date: Choose from easy options like tomorrow, today, or next weekend, or create custom time and date.
  • Location: You can easily set location-based reminders for when arriving home, getting in the car, or custom locations.
  • Flag: Make a reminder or list item stand out by adding a flag.
  • Photo: Snap a photo, attach one from your photo library, or scan a document.

Reminder app-Quick-Toolbar

Add subtasks

If you use to-do lists for work, then you know how important subtasks can be. The Reminders app now lets you add subtasks. And you have two ways to create a subtask in Reminders.

First, just create a subtask like any other reminder within the list you want. To make it a subtask, simply tap and drag it below another task or reminder.

The second option is simple too.

  • Select the task you want a subtask for and tap the Information (small letter “i”) button next to the reminder.
  • Then Scroll down and pick Subtasks.
  • Then tap Add Reminder and fill in the details for the subtask.
  • Tap Details to go back and then Done when you finish.

Reminder app-Subtasks

Group lists

Using the remainder app you can also create a group list. You can use a group to keep multiple lists together. For example, you can create a group for Home and put your Grocery and Shopping lists within it. To create a group, do the following things:

  • First Tap Edit on the top and then Add Group on the bottom.
  • Give your group a name (according to your choice).
  • Tap Include if you want to include existing lists to your new group.
  • Tap the plus sign for each list if you want to add to the group.
  • Tap the New Group arrow at the top to go back and then tap Create.
  • You’ll see your new group with a folder icon and the lists within it on your main Reminders screen.

Reminder app-Create-Group

Customize the appearance for lists

If you like fancy things or use specific icons and color-coding for better organization, then you’re in luck. You can customize the appearance of your lists with plenty of options.

  • Simply Tap to select a list and then tap the More (three-dot icon) button on the top.
  • Then choose Name & Appearance.
  • At the top of the next screen, you can change the list name if you like.
  • Below the name, you can pick a color and icon for your list.
  • Tap Done when you finish.

Reminder app-Name-and-Appearance

Integration with Messages

One of the interesting features in this version of Reminders is the integration with the Messages app. This allows you to tag a person for a specific reminder and then see a Reminders notification when you’re texting with them.

  • Select the reminder and tap the Information button next to it.
  • Then turn on the toggle to Remind me when messaging.
  • Tap Choose Person and select a contact.
  • Tap Done.

Now you’ll see your contact’s name attached to that reminder. Then, when you communicate with Messages, you’ll get a notification from Reminders.

Reminder app-in-Messages

More attachments

You can also add a web link or attach an image from within the reminder like this:

  • Select the reminder and tap the Information button next to it.
  • At the top of the screen, you’ll see a field for URL where you can enter a web link.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see an option for Add Image. If you tap it, you can scan a document, take a photo, or upload one from your photo library just like with the quick toolbar.
  • You can add more than one image and reorder them with drag-and-drop.
  • Tap Done when you finish.

Reminder app-Add-Image


These new features make the Reminders app a much more useful tool than before. Will it replace a third-party app? Or if it’s your go-to tool already, which new feature are you most excited to see?

Let us know your thoughts on the revamped Reminders app below!

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