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Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space – Fix this Error

out of html5 offline storage space
Written by Hassan Abbas

There is some kind of bug in mega. NZ HTML 5 downloader these days that causes an error when the user tries to download files using the Google Chrome browser. The error reads “Out of HTML5 Offline Storage space” and gives only the “OK” option to users.

Out of HTML5 Offline Storage Space

Ever since its release, the popularity of is increasing day by day. The reason behind this is 50GB of free storage is allocated to every new user. As compared to 2GB free storage of dropbox. Apart from that, the built-in HTML 5 browser and downloader are based on the state of the art coding and also technology.

The team behind mega.NZ surely knows how to capture the users in an ever-rich. But yet most competitive market. This is the reason that in so short time, mega.NZ has become such a huge brand name.

Bugs are everywhere and is no exception. Some users are getting Out of HTML 5 Offline Storage Space error. When they try to download large files using mega downloader in Chrome browser on Windows 8/10 PC or laptop.

Fix Out of HTML 5 Offline Storage Space Error in Chrome Browser

The good news is that this error is not a major issue. And can be easily fixed using a small workaround.

Fix Mega Downloader Error in Google Chrome

If you are getting this error in Google Chrome. Then you can easily fix it by following the simple steps below:

  • Access Settings in Google Chrome. For that, type chrome://settings/ in URL field and then enter the enter key on your laptop or computer.
  • Go to content settings. Once there, you will need to access the advanced settings section.
  • In advanced settings, click on Cookies -> All Cookies & Data option.
  • Search for cookie in Chrome there and clean it using the trash button.

Now restart your Google Chrome browser in Windows 8/10. Visit and try downloading the same file again using its HTML5 downloader. Hopefully, you won’t face this Out of HTML 5 out of html5 offline storage space this time.


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