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How to Fix Origin not opening in Mac – Tutorial

Origin not opening
Written by Kelly Houstan

Are you guys facing “Origin Won’t Open” and also not able to fix it? Then in this article will sharing you some tested methods with which you can also Fix Origin Won’t Open in easy steps. Now, this guide is for both windows and mac users as well. However, before sharing the methods let’s check out what is Origin Won’t Open and why it actually happened. Just read this article to know all about How to Fix Origin not opening in Mac – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

What is Origin? | Origin not opening

As we can see that the gaming business around the globe is booming and a lot of folks are joining the gaming community or becoming gamers. The need to expand the services and also platforms for gaming is much needed. There are a lot of services available online that can also help you play games, and one such service is Origin as well. Origin is basically a digital distribution platform that was developed via Electronic Arts. The platform nowadays is used for purchasing and playing games as well.

Origin also has a huge library that can help you choose games that you want to play. As Origin is also a huge gaming service, there always remains a possibility that it might actually face a bug or error, when happens along with all the other services. One such error is that whenever you try in order to open Origin, it won’t open. This error can be resolved easily as well. The reason behind this error and the steps in order to resolve it are given below.

There are a lot of reasons behind the error that Origin is not able to open. Some of them are that there might be an issue with the origin updater, the cache files can be corrupted, temporary files can be distorted, problems with the core origin files, etc.

What Are The Reasons For This Behavior?

Problems along with Origin’s core files: Some problems can occur along with the core working files of the client itself, and the only way in order to solve them is to reinstall the whole client.

Damaged cache files: the error in which the Origin client does not really respond may be directly related to the cache files as well. The cache files may also be corrupted, and that is basically causing the issue.

Problems with Origin Updater: Origin Updater many times updates Origin clients. The client also many times stops responding during background updates.

Corrupt temporary files: Over time, the Origin client actually creates temporary files that also help the client function properly. However, these files can become corrupt and avoid the client from responding. Removing these files can actually allow Origin to work again as well.

How to Fix Origin not opening in Mac – Tutorial

Is the Origin app on your Mac computer not opening or also shutting down almost immediately? It is also most likely not your fault. A lot of Mac users appear to have this problem. It’s actually a notorious challenge that disrupts your computer’s operation without even a moment’s notice.

Why Won’t Origin Open on Your Mac?

The failure of the app in order to open on Mac varies along with the computer. Now below are some of the reasons why Origin won’t open?

  • Cache files have been corrupted actually.
  • Antivirus software is avoiding the app from opening.
  • Graphics drivers are outdated actually.

Fix Origin not Opening on Mac

Steps in order to take if the Origin app fails to open on your Mac? There are a lot of tested and trusted ways in order to resolve the problem of the Origin app failing to open on your Mac. However, the effectiveness of the solution will rely on what’s responsible for the error. Here are the solutions you guys can use to resolve the Origin app not opening:

Whitelist the Origin app on your antivirus software

Because of the nature of the operation of the Origin app, antivirus software tends to stop it from loading as well.

  • You can resolve this situation via including the Origin app among the applications that are not affected via the antivirus software.
  • When you do that, restart your Mac computer in order to confirm the Origin app now works.

Deploy the First Aid Tool

If after whitelisting the Origin app, it still doesn’t really open on your Mac, run the First Aid tool. Here are the steps to take in order to make this possible:

  • Just choose the Search option on the desktop.
  • Now enter ‘Disk Utility’ as the search query.
  • Just locate the Internal tab, and choose the Mac SSD.
  • From the list visible, you have to select the ‘First Aid’ tool.
  • Then, just use the ‘First Aid’ in order to resolve the ‘‘origin won’t open’’ error.
  • When it’s finished, then choose ‘Done’.

Deploy the Origin Reset Tool

In a situation where the previous methods outlined earlier appear to be really ineffective. Especially if the issue is neither an antivirus problem nor a cache issue actually. Then the Origin Reset Tool might be your best bet. In order to utilize the tool, now here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, download the ‘Origin Reset’ Tool via the browser on your Mac.
  • Identify the download location and then Open the ‘’ file.
  • Along with the file opened, choose the ‘Reset Origin’ option.
  • In order to confirm you’re aware of your actions, you’ll have to give your user details – ID and password, and then tap on OK.
  • With that done, you guys will have to download the app once again.


Why Won’t My Origin Open?

Issues such as corrupted cache files, corrupted temporary files, problems with Origin base files, etc. can be the reason why Origin does not open. Many users have encountered this problem and have been very annoyed.

How Can I Fix The Lack Of Response From Origin?

  • You have to remove Origin manually.
  • Reboot your router or modem and perform a clean boot as well.
  • Now make sure UAC is enabled and then set to notify.
  • Download the latest version of Origin and also install the client – then make sure you run the installation file along with administrative rights.

Can’t open origin without internet?

If you guys want to play games online then you must have an internet connection as well.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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