Oppo A83 Stock Wallpapers [ 10 HD Wallpapers]

Oppo A83 Stock Wallpapers
Written by Hassan Abbas

It would not be wrong to say that Oppo has built its smartphone empire on the love of people for selfies. Most of their smartphones are cheap and are aimed at users who love selfies. This is a group of users who do not care about the chipset inside a phone. Just to clarify things, we are not implying anything here. Everyone has different priorities. But the strategy has clearly worked in favor of the company. The company has launched a pair of new smartphones that once again serve that audience called Oppo F5 and Oppo A83. And we have our hands in the wallpapers of this latest device that you can download.

Oppo A83 Stock Wallpapers

Oppo A83

Traditionally, Oppo focuses on the mid-range segment, leaving everyone else to fight for flagships and smartphones with a budget. They have found their optimal point, far from the fight over specifications against money and the vanguard of technology. They have found users who would like to spend a little more to make sure their social media feeds are full of good photos, but they do not care about the latest technology. That’s where the Oppo F5 appears. However, in a somewhat surprising move, there is also an Oppo A83 this time with a price of ₹13990 for lovers of budget-oriented selfies.


The Oppo A83 promises most of the functions of F5, including the self-embellishment “AI-powered” and a high screen of 18: 9. The front of the device is not completely borderless and has prominent bevels on top and lower like any other device in this price range. The upper bezel houses the headset and the selfie camera, but surprisingly missing a selfie flash. Considering that this is a selfie-oriented smartphone is expected. It has a dual SIM card configuration and a microSD card slot, which is great because you may be taking a lot of selfies in it.

Further Specs:

Like the Realme One, another Oppo budget device, the A83 also lacks a fingerprint scanner. Both devices compensate for facial recognition but do not deceive anyone. Apple eliminated the fingerprint scanner because they had to do it. They compensated with FaceID and put an extra effort to make it as safe as possible with additional sensors. No Android device, not even in the premium segment has really done it, much less in the Oppo A83. In other words, it is not half as safe as a fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, you’re not exactly a secret government official, so …


Despite a much lower price, the Oppo A83 has the same MediaTek MT6763T processor (also known as Helio P23) as the Oppo F5. It has eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores: four work at 2.3 GHz and four operate at 1.65 GHz. The processor supports 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage that can be expanded to 256 GB. The difference between F5 and A8 is shown on the screen because the A83 has a 720 × 1440 screen that is significantly smaller than other smartphones in this range. All this is powered by a 31800 mAh battery that lacks support for any type of fast charging.


Approximately one month later, Google will launch Android P, but the Oppo A83 is shipped with Android 7.1.1, which is not even the latest version of Android Nougat. At least, you can not tell the difference since Oppo Color operating system, an iOS clone, runs on Android. There are some gestures and motion shortcuts that allow you to unlock the phone and open it directly in the application of your choice. There are also some filters to block unwanted calls and a function that tries to identify unknown callers. It also allows you to run two instances of applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., as devices of many other Chinese OEMs. There is a ton of bloatware preinstalled as expected.

Oppo A83 Stock Wallpapers

If I had to mention one good thing about this device, I would say it is the wallpapers. Here are 10 wallpapers, and probably almost everyone will like at least one of them, no matter where you are from.

These are the same wallpapers you will find in the Oppo F5, so they also have the same resolution as the F5 screen, which is 1080 × 2160. Above are the wallpapers in a compressed format to give you an idea.

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