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How to Open Bin File and What is It? – Tutorial

Open Bin File
Written by Kelly Houstan

In this article, we’ll discuss the type of applications that can actually Convert, Fix or also Open Bin File and of course what it is. You guys may have downloaded the image file of a program or game, and also you are looking for ways to open it on your computer. Just read this article to know all about How to Open Bin Files and What is It?

In order to open and use a BIN file, you must burn it to a physical disc. In the absence of a physical disc, a virtual drive will work as well; so, all you need to do is mount the BIN file to a virtual drive when you cannot open the file directly. Another method of opening a BIN file is just to convert it to an ISO file.

What is .BIN File Extension?

The .BIN file extension is found mostly on a compressed binary file actually. These files are necessary for the smooth running of many computer applications and also different purposes. The .BIN file extension is mostly found in DVD and CD backup image files actually. Many anti-virus programs also use this file extension.

It is mostly made up of binary code that different PC applications make use of. Many times, you will find the BIN files in a basic binary format that you can also open using a text editor when in some other cases. You guys will need particular computer applications to open them.

Type of Applications that can Convert, Fix or Open Bin File

You can use the below applications on your PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) Mac, and Linux in order to open Bin Files.

  • Roxio Creator NXT Pro
  • Power ISO
  • NTI Dragon Burn 4
  • Smart Projects IsoBuster
  • DT Soft Daemon Tools

How to Open Bin File

There are different approaches to opening BIN files actually. We are checking out some of them below so that you can select the one that suits you best.

If you guys have set up the file associations on your PC correctly. Then you should have no problems opening a file with the BIN extension. Check out the steps below on how you can open a BIN file.

Method 1: Burning A BIN File

Find the files first.

The CUE file is necessary if you want to burn the BIN file to a disk. But, not every BIN file has the CUE file and if that is the case, just create a CUE file.

How to Create a CUE File
  • Open Notepad and enter the following;
  • FILE “nameofyourBINfile.bin” BINARY
  • Then tRACK 01 MODE1/2352
  • INDEX 01 00:00:00

Now save the Notepad text file in the same folder as your BIN file. Make sure the CUE file is saved along with the same name as the BIN file except that the CUE file also has the CUE extension behind it. Tap on “File” and then “Save As.” just tap on “All Files,” and then change the extension of the file to.CUE.

Open the program that you are going to use for burning.

BIN format is an outdated program that can also be opened via only older programs. Especially if it is a multi-track BIN file. Some famous burning programs that can open BIN files are Alcohol 10%, Nero, CDRWIN actually.

Get the image file loaded.

At this stage, you guys may also have to load the BIN file or the CUE file. After loading the file, you will then see a display of how much disk space the image file will occupy.

Start the burning process.

After loading the image file, also slot in an empty disk and start burning. The size of the picture determines how long the disk will take to burn. Many other factors that affect the burn time include the burner’s speed and PC performance.

Test the Disk.

After the file has been burned successfully, you guys have to test the disk. Insert the disk into the device that you guys burned it for to make sure each and everything loads the right way and that the tracks are placed where they ought to be.

Method 2: Mounting The Image

On your computer, install virtual drive software.

The job of a virtual drive is to act as a physical optical drive so due to this, you can mount the photo file on the drive. This makes your PC think that you have inserted a disk into it, and the image will be loaded like it would if it were running on a disk.

There are different virtual drive options to choose from, but a free and well-liked one is WinCDEmu. You should, however, be choosy when installing because it installs supplementary software and browser toolbars that are of no use. You guys should also make a note of any image you mount on your computer will only work if it is compatible with a computer.

For Windows 8 and OS X, already come along with in-built virtual drive software. However, you will not be able to mount the image file on it unless you convert the BIN file to an ISO file actually.

Mount the Image.

If you use a program such as WinCDEmu, you guys will find an icon on your System Tray. Right-tap on the icon and hover on one of the virtual drives; tap on “Mount Image.” The option in order to browse via your file manager opens up. Now search for the CUE file and then load it to the mounted image.

NOTE: The CUE file must be in the same folder as the BIN file.

Open the disc.

After mounting the image, your PC will read like a physical disk was inserted via opening autoplay. In many cases, you guys may get a prompt asking you what you would like to do along with the disk. These are dependent on your system settings, and you have to choose accordingly and use the image file such as a typical CD or DVD.

Method 3: Converting BIN File to ISO Format

  • Just download a conversion program in order to convert the BIN file to ISO. So that you can burn or mount the file along with more program options. One of the free conversion software programs is MagicISO actually.
  • Open the conversion program that you guys have downloaded. Take, for instance, MagicISO. Open MagicISO and navigate to the menu named “Tools.” tap on “BIN to ISO.”
  • You can find your BIN file and select a name for the new ISO file.
  • Tap on “Convert” and the BIN file will be converted to an ISO file. Now wait for some minutes for this to be completed.
  • Mount the ISO file along with a virtual drive. If your computer is running on OS X or Windows 8, simply right-tap on ISO.

Applications To Open A BIN File

Here are a few applications that you guys can use to open .BIN files.

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7 is more powerful and versatile and can also take care of all of your creative and digital needs. You can also capture video from multiple cameras and record your screen as well. With it, you can secure your media, burn and also copy it easily. Along with the leading tools in the industry along with encrypting your files to USB or a disk.

It also offers each and everything you have to create and edit your pictures.

Price: $109.99

Website: Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7

DT Soft DAEMON Tools

DAEMON, or Disk And Execution Monitor, is used in order to emulate 4 DVD-ROM and CD-ROM virtually at the same time. With it, you can also burn the images quickly because it doesn’t use a container format. The tool can mount a lot of common formats. It can also convert images from BIN, MDX, ISO, etc and burn them into CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs.

It can also compress or separate disc images and then also convert them into many files that can be password protected.


  • Lite+ Full pack: $29.99
  • Ultra Lifetime: $39.99
  • Pro Lifetime: $29.99

Website: DT Soft DAEMON Tools

Smart Projects IsoBuster

Now, this one is software for data recovery. It actually saves the files that are lost from a corrupt or trashed CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc. Whenever you insert a disc, flash drive, or memory card, you can also see all the partitions, sessions, and then tracks on the media as well. You can also access data and hidden files from older sessions or hidden partitions as well. And it is absolutely independent of the limitations of Windows.


  • Personal License: $39.95
  • Professional License: $59.95

Website: Smart Projects IsoBuster


Is a BIN file the same as an ISO file?

A BIN file can be an ISO, as well as any other type of file.

Can a BIN file be deleted?

You can delete a .BIN file if you want, but you have to know what BIN file you are deleting and what purpose it is serving on your computer. You do not want to delete an important BIN file and have a malfunctioning computer.

Can a BIN file be opened on Android?

.BIN files only show up on Android when an APK file runs into an error, and it gets labeled wrongly as a BIN file. To fix this, use any file manager app to change the name of the file, replace the BIN extension with .APK extension. You should be able to run the file if it is truly an APK file

What does the BIN file extension mean?

.BIN is a short form for a binary file, and it is the raw binary form of any file. Binary files can be video, images, installation file, or a CD image. They are mostly compiled computer programs, and you must have the context of what the file is to know what to do with it.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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