OnePlus is no longer interested in the opinion of most users

Written by Hassan Abbas

The company will remove the 3.5mm connector in OnePlus 6T, despite the disagreement of users, but promises to add a more capacious battery. As you know, soon OnePlus should release the flagship smartphone OnePlus 6T. Officially confirmed information about the upcoming device is very small. From the last thing we learned, OnePlus 6T will lose the analog audio connector.

This was in an interview with TechRadar resource executive director of the company Carl Pei (Carl Pei). In his opinion, removing the connector will make room for new technologies. At the same time, Karl Pei noted that users have always been asked to increase the capacity of the battery.


However, the top manager of OnePlus seems to have forgotten that in March of this year he personally conducted a survey among Twitter users about the 3.5-mm connector. Then the overwhelming majority voted in favor of an analog connection. Interestingly, similar results were obtained from similar surveys conducted by Karl Pei in 2017 and 2016. But until this moment, the company listened to its users and kept the connector in subsequent smartphones.

Apparently, the manufacturer confidently follows its plans, and the next flagship will become a complete transformation of the smartphone, which was already outlined with the release of OnePlus 6: instead of metal – a body of glass, thin frames, full-screen design, and cut-out screen. Now here is the lack of a 3.5 mm jack.

On the eve of the release of OnePlus 6T, the head of the company did not do the traditional survey. Apparently, at some point, the opinions of users were unnecessary, although the result is obvious. As a compromise, we are promised increased autonomy, but we must pay tribute to the company at least in the fact that recently it released inexpensive headphones with USB Type-C. Perhaps, they will just be a future flagship. Well, we’ll see.

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According to rumors, OnePlus 6T is based on the design of the Oppo R17, which has a neat cutout on the screen in the form of a drop for the front camera. This confirms the leakage of the box with a schematic image of the smartphone, which also draws a screen fingerprint scanner. OnePlus 6T is expected to be presented in October.

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