NVIDIA Confirms macOS Will No Longer Support Developing CUDA Apps

NVIDIA has currently confirmed that a big change is coming to developers who use Apple’s macOS desktop operating system.

In a recent developer update tied to the release notes for CUDA Toolkit 10.2. NVIDIA has confirmed that this will be the last version of the toolkit to support macOS. The company states that support for macOS will no longer be available once the next version of CUDA Toolkit arrives at some point in the future.

Nvidia and Apple don’t get on. It’s even been said that Apple management has a “quiet hostility” towards Nvidia. They both have been at each others’ throats with disagreements and lawsuits going back a number of years. As a result, the two have been slowly disowning and diminishing support for the other’s products ever since. Back in 2018, another hawk saw Nvidia driver support ditched from macOS Mojave completely. Nvidia blamed publicly on Apple’s lack of approval.

From the release notes:

CUDA 10.2 supports macOS for running and developing CUDA applications. The support for macOS will not be available starting with the next release of CUDA.

NVIDIA developed CUDA as a parallel computing platform and programming model for its own graphics processing units, or GPUs. NVIDIA’s parallel computing platform enables developers to speed up compute-intensive applications whenever necessary.

Unlikely that has a huge impact on many customers considering only a few aging machines are even able to support Nvidia eGPUs on outdated OS versions. Phasing out aging driver support is not completely out of the norm, either.

The loss of macOS support isn’t great news for developers taking advantage of the CUDA Toolkit. So it’s good to be aware of the incoming change. As the next version of CUDA Toolkit arrives and macOS support is dropped, that’s not made clear in the release notes for this version.


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