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Nuclear Submarine inc for PC – A Submarine Simulator Game

Nuclear Submarine inc for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas

About the Game:

Nuclear Submarine inc for PCNuclear Submarine inc for PC realistic and insanely interesting simulator of a real submarine in a hand-drawn style. You have a unique opportunity to become the captain of a submarine with an atomic reactor. The game has a couple of modes “to reach the end”, where you need to get to the finish line, gradually sinking deeper and deeper. The “return alive” mode suggests that you descend to the maximum depth and at the same time climb back. If the boat collides with a loved one of the obstacles, then you lose.

There is a huge variety of systems in the boat. For example, for a boat to move there is a power plant, a battery, and also a powerful engine. The power plant allows you to charge the battery, and the engine uses its charge at the moment of movement. Some of the additional systems, for example, sonar also uses battery power. Do not forget that exceeding the recommended depth can lead to leaks in the compartments. In time, surf, watch the sonar and get improvements, so that the crew of the submarine copes with all the duties assigned to them.


+ A realistic submarine system
+ Many improvements and additional systems
+ A pair of game modes
+ Beautiful hand drawn picture

Nuclear Submarine inc will teach you the basics of managing a submarine and a nuclear reactor on it. You expect great difficulties: depth, rocks, nuclear accidents at the nuclear reactor can organize a second Chernobyl.
A nuclear submarine can become an atomic bomb in the event of an accident at a nuclear reactor and destroy an entire city with a nuclear explosion.

The simulator of submarines is very interesting and detailed you are waiting for more than 10 improvements. New hulls will allow an atomic submarine to sink into incredible depths. Diesel engines, Stirling, nuclear reactors will allow you to swim far and fast. Reserves of oxygen, batteries, fuel, pump, sonar, air regenerator all this will need to be used to give the nuclear submarine a chance to survive.

Nuclear Submarine inc for PC

At depth, an atomic submarine can start a flood use pumps and a repair team to survive. Nuclear Submarine inc for PC is not just a simulator of an atomic submarine. This is the most detailed and realistic simulator of submarines on mobile platforms. Check and write if you do not agree.


  • Detailed underwater system.
  • 11 improvements.
  • Admissible imitating simulator.
  • 4 languages

Steps to Play Nuclear Submarine inc for PC

To Download Nuclear Submarine inc for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3


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