Now You Can Make Group Calls & Video Calls in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Group Video Call
Written by Hassan Abbas

We have been waiting a few weeks for new features for WhatsApp that have been made to pray a tad. Luckily, we can already assure you that group calls and video calls are already active on WhatsApp. Of course, you have to use the latest beta of the most popular messaging application, 2.18.162, which you can now download from Techevrses.

WhatsApp Group Video Call

WhatsApp Group Video Call

How to make calls in a group

There is not much mystery about making group voice calls through WhatsApp. Those who have previously used this feature will not find problems in making them with more than one person. To make a group voice call we will first have to establish a connection with a person. When the call has been established, a new icon will appear in the upper right corner. When we click on it, we will access our contacts where we can choose a new person that we want to add to the group call.

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These calls can only have a maximum of four participants and any of the people in the group can invite other contacts to participate in them. Moreover, if one of the participants leaves the conversation, the call will continue until there is only one person connected. For now, we can only call one at a time, although we hope that in the future we can establish the connection directly with all the participants at the same time.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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How to make group video calls by WhatsApp

The operation of group video calls is exactly the same as that of voice calls. Even so, we summarize it to you so that it is totally clear to you.

Step 1: We will start the video call with only one person.
Step 2: When we are connected, we will touch the new icon located in the upper right corner.
Step 3: We will choose the person we want to add to the conversation from among our contacts.
Step 4: Anyone present in the video call can invite other people, as long as the limit of four participants is respected.
Step 5: The video call continues as long as there is more than one person in the group.
Step 6: We can change the video call in a group to voice conversation and vice versa.

The quality of the video call will depend a lot on the terminal and the connection of each one of the participants in it, although in general, we have not noticed noticeable failures in the communication. Remember that you will have to have beta version 2.18.162 of WhatsApp to be able to enjoy this new feature.

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