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How to get a Few Nova Launcher Features for Free

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular 3rd-party launchers in the world. Android is the most customizable OS in the world and it can be branded as it’s a perfect accessory.

In some ways, your device looks to little gestures that make all the difference. The stock-keeping launcher offers a lot of features that can truly enhance your smartphone experience.

If you want to add more features on your Home screen and add extra excitement to your day-to-day digital life, then getting Nova Launcher may very well be the best course of action.

Its developers give users the option to try out the launcher before shelling out their hard-earned dollars. The base version is available for free on Google Play.

The paid version, Nova Launcher Prime, costs $4.99 and comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. At under $5, Nova Launcher is an excellent investment, but if you’re too short on cash, there is another launcher you could try.

Nova Launcher’s worthy alternative

Apex Launcher may not be as popular as Nova, but it has enough fanbase of its own. You can download the app from Google Play and get some exciting gestures found in Nova Launcher Prime.

11 Gesture By Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher Prime gives us 11 gestures to play with they are:

  • Swipe up
  • Swipe down
  • Double-tap, Double-tap + swipe up
  • Double-tap + swipe down
  • Two fingers swipe up
  • Two-finger swipe down
  • Pinch in
  • Pinch out
  • Two-finger rotation (clockwise)
  • Two-finger rotation (counter-clockwise)
9 Gesture by Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher gives us 9 gestures they are:

  • Pinch in
  • Pinch out
  • Swipe up
  • Swipe down
  • Double-tap
  • Two fingers swipe up
  • Two-finger swipe down
  • Double-tap swipe up (locked)
  • Double-tap swipe down (locked)

Out of them, two gestures are reserved for the premium version.

Actions contain most of the system tasks, while Apps and Shortcuts contain app shortcuts and app-specific shortcuts, respectively.


Are you really impressed with Apex Launcher’s features? If yes, then let us know in the comment section below!

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