Nokia Camera with Pro-Mode Ported to Other Smartphones

Nokia Camera
Written by Hassan Abbas

At one time, Lumia smartphones were famous for their photographic capabilities, and even now these phones make very good pictures. In many ways, thanks to a well-optimized camera application with manual settings. Not so long ago, the Pro mode was added to Nokia Camera on Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco devices, and the application of the XDA Developers development community already ported this application to other Android-smartphones.

Now it is not necessary to own a Nokia smartphone to take high-quality pictures. For this, it is enough that your device supports Level 3 Camera2 API. Advanced users know that this interface is used in applications to work with the camera on some smartphones, for example, in Google Pixel.

Nokia Camera

However, it is difficult for an average user to understand if there is an API on their devices, so they can be advised using the Camera2 API Probe utility, which will show the compatibility of the smartphone with the Camera2 API.

If your device supports the Camera2 Level 3 API and works on Android 7.0 Nougat and above, you can install Nokia Camera with Pro mode from the LinuxCT developer, who previously ported Pixel Launcher to all smartphones running Android. True, in the current version, the application may be unstable on some devices.

Nokia Camera

Nokia Camera Screenshots

The professional manual mode in Nokia Camera gives you access to additional shooting parameters, such as focusing, ISO, shutter speed, exposure and more.

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Source: XDA

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