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Noire Toggles iOS 13’s Dark Mode: Pull-Down Gesture in Settings

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Noire Toggles iOS 13’s Dark Mode: Apple always integrates into its mobile operating system to toggle iOS 13’s new dark mode feature on or off on demand. But maybe you aren’t satisfied with them or you would prefer to use a different method?

Enter Noire, a new and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer MTAC that turns dark mode on or off with a simple swipe-down gesture on the first page of the Settings app.

Noire works like jailbreak tweaks akin to Dragspring. Except that it toggles dark mode besides respringing. To help showcase how the tweak works, here’s an image:


As it takes about a half-screen pull-down gesture to toggle the tweak. But the transition from light mode to dark mode and vice-versa is sometimes immediate. Just like clicking on the Control Center toggle button or allowing it manually via the Settings app.

Dark Mode have Two Options:
  • A toggle that switches between the two modes
  • An automatic function that intelligently flips back and forth based on sunrise and sunset
What’s My Choice?

I preferred the sunset toggle since the main draw of Dark Mode for me is not being blinded by my display at night. But dark-mode-all-the-things fans will be happy with the permanent toggle.

Noire doesn’t come with any choice to configure, and since it achieves the goal it sets out to fulfill at first glance. It really doesn’t need any. Personally, I find this gesture to be rather pleasant.

If you really want to try Noire, then you can download or install it free of cost from the Packix repository in your preferred package manager. The tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 13 devices.


Would you like to install Noire, or are you content with he native dark mode toggling methods? Which option do you prefer in dark mode? Let us know in the comments section below!

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