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How to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available

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Written by Kelly Houstan

Have you encountered There is currently no power options available error message on your PC whenever you are trying to shut it down or reboot it? In such a scenario, the shutdown or restart process of your system cannot be initiated whenever you tap on the Power icon from the Start menu. You guys will not be able to use any of the power options namely: Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, or also Hibernate at this stage. Rather, a notification prompt will display stating that There are currently no power options also available. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available. Let’s begin!

How to Fix There Are Currently No Power Options Available

We investigated this particular issue via looking at a lot of user reports. We also looked at the many repair strategies that affected users deployed in order to resolve this particular issue. From what we gathered, there are many common culprits that are known to trigger this specific issue:

  • Glitched Power Options menu – This is one of the most common causes why this specific issue occurs. It doesn’t really have anything to do along with system file corruption. In this case, the issue is likely caused via a Windows Update and can be fixed via running the Power troubleshooter or through using a Command Prompt in order to restore the Power Options menu.
  • System file corruption – This specific issue can also cause via one or more corrupted system files. Many users facing the same error message reported that the issue was corrected after they performed  SFC / DISM scans or via doing a system restore.
  • User Rights assignment issue – As it turns out, this error message can also be triggered if you’re dealing along with a user rights assignment issue on your PC. Several affected users also have report that the issue was resolve after they’ve actually configure Local Pool Security Policy Editor in order to use their own username whenever using the power menu.
  • The registry key is preventing the Power menu from being used – There is actually a certain registry key (NoClose) that is known to trigger this specific error message when enabled. A lot of affected users have resolved the issue via using the Registry Editor to disable the registry key.

If you’re currently searching for a fix that will actually resolve the ‘There are currently no power options available’ error. This article will give you with several troubleshooting steps. Down below, you’ll find a collection of methods that other users in the same situation deployed in order to resolve the issue.

Use Registry Editor to Disable NoClose Key | No Power Options Available

In order to fix the power options unavailability issue, it is important to make sure that NoClose is disable on your system. Follow the given steps in order to check for it:

  • You have to open the Run dialog box via pressing Windows + R keys together.
  • Then type Regedit and click OK, as shown below.

You have to navigate the following path:

    • Head to HKEY _LOCAL_MACHINE.
    • Tap on SOFTWARE.
    • Choose Microsoft.
    • Now, tap on Windows.
    • Choose CurrentVersion.
    • Here, you have to choose Policies.
    • Finally, choose Explorer.
  • Now, double-tap on NoClose.
  • You have to set the Value data to 0.
  • At last, tap on OK in order to save the registry key values.

Run Windows Power Troubleshooter

Running Windows Power Troubleshooter will actually resolve any glitches in Power options. Further, this method is applicable for Windows 7,8, 8.1, and 10 systems.

  • Open the Run dialog box as you did earlier. Then type ms-settings: troubleshoot for Windows 10 systems. Then, tap on OK, as shown.

Note: For Windows 7/8/8.1 systems, just type control.exe/name Microsoft. Troubleshooting rather.

  • You guys will be directed to Troubleshoot Settings screen directly. Here, tap on Additional troubleshooters as highlighted.
  • Now, just choose Power displayed under Find, and fix other problems section.
  • Tap on Run the troubleshooter and the Power troubleshooter will be launched.
  • Your system will also undergo a screening process. Now wait for the process to be complete.
  • If any issues are found, then they will be fixed automatically. If prompted, tap on Apply this fix and just follow the instructions given on the screen.
  • At last, restart your system when all the fixes have been applied

Use Local Security Policy Tool to Resolve Username Conflict | No Power Options Available

If there are any inconsistencies along with the username, then There are currently no power options available message appears actually. This can also resolve via using the Local Security Policy Tool. It can also be achieved through modifying the User Rights Assignment policy. Doing this will show the exact username you are using and also resolve any conflicts arising from it.

Note: This procedure is applicable for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 users actually.

  • Open the Run dialog box as explained in the previous method.
  • Then type secpol.msc in the text box and click OK.
  • Now this will open the Local Pool Security Policy Editor.
  • There, just expand Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
  • Double-tap on Create a token object, as depicted below.
  • Now scroll down to locate and right-click on Shutdown. Then, choose Properties.
  • Shut down the system properties window will pop up on the screen. Now tap on Backup Operators followed via Add User or Group…
  • Minimize the Select Users or Groups window until adequate information in order to proceed is obtained.
  • Now open the Run dialog box again. Then jype control and hit Enter.
  • Just navigate to User Accounts in the Control Panel. Choose Configure advanced user profile properties from the left pane.
  • Now, you have to copy the profile name.
  • Just maximize the window that you minimized in Step 7. Paste the username you had copied in the previous step, in the User Profiles field, as illustrated below.
  • Then, tap on Check Names > OK.
  • At last, just click on Apply to save these changes.
  • After completing the above steps, just sign out of your account.

Confirm if this could fix There is currently no power options available error. If not, then try the next solution.

Use Command Prompt to Restore Power Options

Some users benefited from running a command in the Command Prompt in order to resolve the said issue. Here’s how you guys can try it too:

  • Type cmd in the Windows search bar as depicted below. Just click on Open to launch Command Prompt.
  • Then type powercfg –restoredefaultschemes command. Then, tap on the Enter key.
  • Now, reboot your system and then check if the issue is fix now.
  • If not, then just relaunch the Command prompt and type:
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose
  • Click on Enter to execute the command.
  • Once again, you have to reboot the system.

This should fix There is currently no power options available issue as well. If not, try the scans as explained in the next method actually.

Perform System Restore | No Power Options Available

If all else fails, only a System Restore process can also help you bring your system back to its normal functional mode. It will not only really help fix There are currently no power options available issue. However, also, fix problems that make your computer run slowly or stop responding as well.

Note: System Restore does not affect any of your documents, photos, or other personal data. Although, recently install programs and also drivers might uninstall.

  • Tap on the Windows key and type restore in the search bar.
  • Just open Create a restore point from search results, as shown.
  • Tap on System Properties from the left panel.
  • Now switch to the System Protection tab and click System Restore option.
  • Now, tap on Next to proceed.

In this step, you have to select your restore point (preferably, Automatic Restore Point) and tap on Next,as depicted below.

Note: The list of programs and applications that are remove during the System Restore process can also view via tapping on Scan for affect programs.

At last, confirm the restore point and tap on the Finish button in  order to begin the system restore process.

All problems along with your computer will solve and you will able to use Power options without any issues.

Run SFC/DISM Scans

System File Checker (SFC) and also Deployment Image Servicing Management (DISM) commands aid in eliminating corrupt system files. Clean files are retrieve via the Windows Update component of DISM. However, the local backup of SFC replaces these corrupt files. Detailed below are actually the steps involved in running SFC and DISM scans:

  • Open Command prompt as mentioned previously.

Note: Open it with administrative privileges, if needed, via tapping on Run as administrator.

  • Now type sfc /scannow command in order to start the System File Checker(SFC) scan in your system. Hit Enter in order to execute.
  • Now, wait for the SFC scanning process to complete and restart your system when you do that.
  • But, if there are currently no power options available Windows 10 issue persists, and then try DISM scan as follows:

Now open Command Prompt again and type dism /online / cleanup-image /restorehealth as shown. Then, tap on Entering key.

Just wait until the DISM scanning process is complete and then reboot your system in order to check if the error is fixing in your system.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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