No Man’s Sky Already Has an Arrival Date in Xbox One

No Man's Sky
Written by Hassan Abbas

It was one of the most anticipated titles in his day. We talked about No Man’s Sky, a game that had high expectations and the same thing that was high was its fall when it came to users and they found face to face with something that had nothing to do with what they had sold.

It was August of 2016 when No Man’s Sky came to the market in versions for PlayStation 4 and PC. The long-awaited work of Hello Games has seen the passing of time and how their copies accumulated in the drawers of the users collecting dust and on the shelves of the shops. Then came the patches to fix problems and add improvements, updates that are now added to the Xbox One but … is still an interesting game to buy?

We have already seen that No Man’s Sky is and has been synonymous with controversy. Some facts that certainly do not help when you get to the market for Xbox One on Tuesday, July 24 in North America and on Thursday 26 in Europe there are people queuing to get a copy.

No Man's Sky

What to Expect:

And now, since Hello Games, they have corrected the errors. Failures caused by a huge hype generated by a company that perhaps had a few sights and ambitions that could not be met and a brutal marketing campaign trying to sell a product without knowing its limitations. An explosive cocktail.

The point is that the title that now reaches Xbox One promises a complete multiplayer experience for the first time in this procedural universe without limits. It will also come with No Man’s Sky NEXT, a free update for all platforms in which the game is present.

In the case of Xbox One, the game will also include three other major updates, such as Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and the rest of the patches that have received the PC and PS4 versions. In addition, in the case of the Redmond console, it can be used in 4K Ultra HD resolution and with HDR support.

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Can it be an interesting purchase today? The advantage is that now we know well the virtues and shortcomings of No Man’s Sky, with the included patches, no one can say that he has been surprised. OK, NEXT is still a mystery, but it will not change the whole in excess.

The possible buyer of No Man’s Sky for Xbox One knows what he is facing and that apart from being a great help can be a double-edged sword that affects the global sales of the game. If you have not played it, would you give it a chance now?

Via: Cnet

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