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Newton for iOS and macOS Introduces True Box

True Inbox works in Newton
Written by Hassan Abbas

Emails, although they are still as popular as they were 20 years ago, have changed a lot, to adapt to current uses and needs. For example, the categorization by folders, the use of filters or showing in the form of conversation are options that we did not have before and that has made the service somewhat better. What is the next step? According to the creators of the post office manager Newton, end the Sent folder.

Newton for iOS and macOS is one of the leading email managers in the Apple ecosystem. A simple interface, powerful functionalities and multiplatform make the app the preferred one for many. From time to time there is an update of the app with new and incredible features, for example, True Inbox. In general, True Inbox allows you to always have on hand the emails sent, in a conversation list as if it were a messaging app.

True Inbox works in Newton

How True Inbox works in Newton

Newton is not the first app that seeks to bring emails to a messaging service style. In fact, there are mail managers that show the emails as if they were a conversation. Here it is a little different since it maintains the normal structure that we had until now. The idea of True Inbox is that you do not have to go constantly to the Sent folder after sending an email to see if it has been sent or to have proof of it and wait for the answer.

True Inbox is activated from the settings of the app, we must also have the conversation view activated. Once activated True Inbox, we just have to send a new mail (which is not a response to a previous one) to see what happens. Instead of going to the Sent folder and falling into oblivion, it appears in the main tray next to the inbox emails. It’s as if you had sent the mail to yourself (in fact many users put themselves in copy to get the same effect).

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What are the advantages of this? It allows you to keep a better track of the emails you send. In my case for example, when sending emails I wanted to be aware of the answer, I used to highlight them with a star to keep track of them or move them from the Sent folder to the inbox. Now they simply keep with the other emails in sight, and when they stop being interesting they are filed and ready.

True Inbox is a new free feature available in Newton’s latest update. Newton is one of the few email managers that works by subscription, for an annual fee you can use the application with all its functionalities in iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.


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