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New Version of Hello Neighbor will Soon Release on Android and iOS

Hello Neighbor
Written by Hassan Abbas

The developers of the project Hello Neighbor released a new video and named the exact release date. To wait remains absolutely slightly.

Horror Hello Neighbor from the Russian studio Dynamic Pixels immediately after the release on the PC won the love of dedicated fans of the genre. The developers decided to focus on the non-linear passage of a single campaign and an interesting storyline. Our hero just walked on the street, and curiosity forced to look at the neighbor in the window – he was obviously doing something bad. The unkind person locked the door to the basement, then noticed our presence and decided to shovel it over the head. Now the gamer needs to outwit the enemy and get inside the house. That’s only to realize the penetration of the bastion of evil is not so simple.

Hello Neighbor

The main advantage of the project lies in advanced artificial intelligence. Naturally, in reality, this is not an analog of Skynet, but simply a set of scripts that study the user’s behavior and change the strategy of the neighbor’s actions so that it would be more difficult for us to win. Each your attempt to get to the locked door is recorded by the game, after which the “training” of the main villain takes place. For example, if a gamer constantly enters the house through a window, AI will teach the character to place traps there or run faster to your loophole when any extraneous noise occurs. There are a lot of such tricks, and every subsequent attempt at hacking will be more difficult than the previous one.

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Players have already nicknamed Hello Neighbor an improved version of the popular “How to get a neighbor”, although the connection between the two projects is very weak. It’s not for nothing that the novelty was defined in the genre of horror – it really can be scared to goosebumps. Let the cartoon graphics and the absence of a bloody mess on the screen do not lead you astray. Developers a few hours ago released a new video, in which they promise to launch their offspring on mobile platforms Android and iOS, plus Nintendo Switch and PS4. Release scheduled for July 27, that is, after three days you can run from a neighbor and look for another secret passage. On iOS, we are even allowed to make a reservation, and the first chapter is given free of charge.

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