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Guide for new Mac Users How to use tags to folders and organize files

Written by Hassan Abbas

Having a powerful way to arrange your documents and folders is critical on any computer. And if you’ve just purchased your first Mac and need to start organizing from the start, that’s an extraordinary idea. One handy method to apply for this on Mac is tagged, which can be essentially labeled. Tags on Mac paintings just like they do in e-mail or notice-taking packages. You can use shades and phrases to create tags after which use the one’s tags to categorize items and discover what you need speedy.

For those new to Mac who would like some more assist, right here’s how to use tags to prepare your files and folders.

Using tags on Mac

We’ll undergo everything you need to realize approximately growing, the use of, searching, and putting off tags on your Mac.

  • Creating tags
  • Editing and deleting tags
  • Displaying tags
  • Assigning tags
  • Removing tags
  • Searching for tags

Creating tags

If you’ve got certain tags in thoughts that you’d want to create, this is a superb region to start. And you could view all the presents to be had tags, create your very own, and make modifications to tags within the Finder Preferences.

Click Finder > Preferences from the menu bar. Then, click the Tags tab. You’ll then see tags colored and categorized blue, inexperienced, red, yellow, and so on.

To create a tag, click on the plus signal button. The new tag will appear at the pinnacle of your listing as “Untitled” so just give it the name you want and hit Return.

To provide the brand new tag a shade, either right-click or preserve Control and click the tag and select a shade.

Editing and deleting tags

While you’re within the Finder Preferences on the Tags tab, you can edit those that exist already via converting their call or color. Or, you may delete tags if you like.

Either right-click or maintain Control and click and pick Rename to offer it a brand new name or Delete to take away it. (You also can pick and tag and click on the minus signal button to delete it.) And if you like, you can choose a brand new color in that small window.

Displaying tags

The tags which you see checked in the Finder Preferences window are the ones in order to show to your Finder sidebar and as alternatives when saving a document. So you could check and uncheck those you need to use.

Note: If you uncheck sure tags, you’ll nonetheless be able to use them which you’ll see underneath within the Assigning Tags phase.

Another option in that window is at the lowest to your Favorite Tags. These are used for quick tagging files and folders inside the Finder menus. So when you have a pair that you plan to apply most customarily, simply drag them from the list into the Favorite Tags field.

Assigning tags

Tagging your documents and folders is great to smooth and you can do it whilst you shop an item as well as after the reality.

Saving new files

To add a tag while you store a report, just click on the Tags field within the store conversation window and pick out your tag. If you want to use one that you don’t see because you unchecked it inside the Finder Preferences, simply choose Show All and it’ll display as an alternative.

Existing documents and folders

To add a tag to an present record or folder, both right-click or hold Control and click to deliver up the context menu. You’ll see a phase toward the bottom for Tags. And recall, these are those Favorite Tags you specific within the Finder Preferences. So just pick out one and you’re set.

Another manner to tag a present item is within the Finder window. You can truely drag the report or folder to the tag you want inside the Finder sidebar below Tags. If you need to apply one that you unchecked, click All Tags and it’s going to display as a choice.

One extra manner to assign a tag is to pick the item and then click the Tags button within the Finder toolbar.

Removing tags

If you assign a tag to a record or folder and determine to cast off it, you could do that fast.

Either right-click or maintain Control and click on to carry up the context menu. You’ll see the tag you selected toward the bottom with a checkmark in it. Just click on the tag to dispose of it.

Searching for tags

When you need to find an object the usage of a tag, you truly have a few one-of-a-kind ways to do it.

  • Ask Siri to locate objects tagged with a certain colored tag.
  • Click the tag inside the Finder Sidebar to display all objects with that tag.
  • Type the tag shade within the Finder seek discipline after which select the tag from the outcomes under Tags.
  • Click the Item Grouping button in the Finder Toolbar or View > Group By > Tags from the menu bar.


When it comes to organizing files and folders for your Mac, take a look at the options you have with tags. You can label similar items, seek effortlessly, and create tags for things you need.

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