New Lenovo smartphone will receive 4 cameras

New Lenovo smartphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Samsung with three cameras, Lenovo with four or Nokia with five – is it justified to increase the number of sensors? As soon as the trend for a dual camera reached budget smartphones, mobile device manufacturers began to look for new ways to stand out.

It took just over a week since the announcement of the sub-flagship Samsung Galaxy A7 with three major photo modules, as there were rumors about the imminent release of the Galaxy A9s with four cameras. Not wanting to lag behind the fashion trends, Lenovo joins this technological race. The vice president of the company published an unusual teaser of a nameless smartphone in his Weibo account.

New Lenovo smartphone

Despite the fact that the image is rather laconic and does not give any exact data, some conclusions about the device can still be made. First, the upcoming smartphone will receive 4 main cameras with a flash in the middle. Secondly, the location of photo modules in the device will resemble that of the Huawei Mate 20, whose announcement is expected on October 16.

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It is likely that the trend to increase the number of sensors can take a massive turn. In this case, such a square camera design has all the chances to become the industry standard, as in its time bangs above the screen. Also, as it is clear from the teaser, artificial intelligence will be responsible for the improvement of the received images in the smartphone.

While it is not known why a smartphone has 4 cameras, but most likely it will be disclosed at the presentation. According to rumors, Lenovo will officially introduce a camera phone in October this year.

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