New iOS vulnerability causes iPhone and iPad to reboot

Written by Hassan Abbas

By clicking on a link to a web page that contains a specific piece of code, the iOS device, as well as the Mac and Apple Watch, hangs and reboots.

German developer and part-time security researcher Sabri Haddouche, who discovered late last year a series of vulnerabilities called MailSploit, which is susceptible to more than 30 mail clients, revealed another vulnerability, this time affecting iOS devices.


This is the HTML code, which leads to a forced restart of the iPhone and iPad. Apparently, the vulnerability is typical for iOS 11, as well as iOS 12 GM. Apple’s mobile devices go into reboot when using any browser on WebKit (Edge, by the way, bug bypasses). On computers running macOS High Sierra / Mojave, the problem occurs when using Safari. Mac, in this case, hangs, it helps only reboot.

Sabri Haddush published in his Twitter a link to a web page containing the code. It has a huge number of nested “div” elements, as well as a background blur function.

Caution! If you have an iOS device, going to the link can reset your smartphone or tablet.

It seems that the vulnerability is in watchOS 5. Some users report that their Apple Watch is also reset.

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It is possible that the code that causes the devices to hang and reboot can be used in bulk mailings. Therefore, be careful about all kinds of links in letters and suspicious resources. Apple already knows about the problem but does not give official comments yet.

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