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New Instagram update lets you send multiple videos or photos at once

Instagram update
Written by Hassan Abbas

Instagram is getting more and more complete with different features and more similar to its main major competitor: Snapchat. Now the great update that is coming gives you the possibility to upload, in one go, several videos and photos in your story.

Today we are announcing some updates that will make it easier and faster to upload photos and videos to your stories,” states the official Instagram press release. Indicating that the novelty is being distributed across the continents and everyone will have access to the new features soon.Instagram update

It will be possible to select up to 10 photos and/or videos from your gallery to do the posting at once, so you can order the highlights of an event, your lunch or the trip you made and forgot to post on the social network.

In the editing screen, you will be able to see all the previous ones of the images and videos that you selected previously, being able to edit with stickers, text and markings each one of them. Then just send everyone and expect to rise in your Instagram History.

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Like the GIFs, the novelty will be distributed gradually around the world and soon all users will have another way to speed up the process of uploading the memories recorded for the history of Instagram!

What did you think of the novelty? What other feature do you think would be useful for the platform? Comment below!

Source: Instagram-Press

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