New Facebook Data Leak Will Expose Personal Information of 3 Million Users

Facebook Data Leak
Written by Hassan Abbas

Yes, again Facebook. Yes, a new New Facebook Data Leak related to an application that was dedicated to collecting the information of its users. This is the application ‘myPersonality’, which was offered as a psychological test and for four years gathered the information, with private details, of just over three million people.

The most serious and worrying of all, is its strange similarity to Cambridge Analytica , which although not compared with the 87 million affected users , helps us to understand the level of security offered by Facebook to its users , as well as the amount of data to which the developers of applications within the social network of Zuck could accede.

Facebook Data Leak

Strange similarities with Cambridge Analytica

According to information obtained by New Scientist, the application ‘myPersonality’ was made with personal information from just over three million users, who agreed to answer a test of personality traits, which included age, sex, marital status and even Access to status updates and publications.

According to the information in the app, all the data collected would be shared only with approved researchers through a collaborative website. For this, users had to agree to share their answers with these researchers. It is said that only three million agreed to share the information of more than six million people who used the application.

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Those responsible behind ‘myPersonality’ would be responsible for giving researchers a chance for new Facebook Data Leak. Now, according to the report, 280 people had access and not only were researchers and psychologists. But also Facebook employees and even heads of technology companies.

3 Million Users are Vulnerable to this Facebook Data Leak

Something funny is that ‘mypersonality’ has many similarities to ‘thisisyourdigitallife’. The app with which Cambridge Analytica stole the information of 87 million Facebook users. Both applications were developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge. And in both cases, they have a researcher in common: Aleksandr Kogan.

Another important point is that the collaborative website. With the Facebook Data Leak of the three million people, apparently had the same password and user for all. And getting these credentials was nothing special. Since they could be obtained with a simple search on the internet.

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Facebook mentioned that the application ‘myPersonality’ had been investigated. As a part of its new security measures in favor of privacy. Today precisely the company of Zuck announced that 200 applications had been suspended. Because of abusing the data of the users and the platform. However, it is unknown what they are, although they confirmed that ‘myPersonality’ was one of them.

Now it would be interesting to know the reasons why these applications were suspended. Because if any activities such as ‘myPersonality’ or ‘thisisyourdigitallife’, then this could be bigger than we imagined.

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Via: Newscientist

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