Netflix will Show a Series Based on the AR-Game Ingress

Ingress Anime Series
Written by Hassan Abbas

Anime will be released in October this year, along with the continuation of the game – Ingress Prime, which will intersect.

Before the game Pokemon Go captures the immature minds of teenagers has slipped incredibly popular around the world, the studio Niantic had another project augmented reality called Ingress. This mobile game was released in 2012, its essence is to gain control over the portals in the virtual world, which usually appear on the site of any sights in the real world. Despite the fact that Ingress has not reached the level of popularity of Pokemon Go, it still plays a lot of people. As it became known to Variety, now the studio is creating an animated series based on Ingress, which will be released on Netflix in October this year, along with the continuation of the game Ingress Prime.

Ingress Anime Series

Ingress Anime Series

For the development of the project called “Ingress: The Animation” is responsible for the company Crafter. The director is Yuhei Sakuragi, in the work on the series, the leading artist of the “Evangelion” Takeshi Hond is also involved.

The show will be built around two characters – Makoto and Sarah, who came under the influence of a strange substance or matter penetrating through the portals. Makoto can see the history of things only by touching them, and Sarah has learned to see through time and space. In the series will also appear and the third mysterious character named Jack. These three will be dragged into the battle of the “Enlightened” against the “Resistance”.

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“There will be familiar heroes and situations known to the game, but it will be a completely new interpretation of the story with the new characters. Imagine that this is a kind of restart of the franchise about superheroes, “said John Hanke, head of Niantic.

The possibility of creating an animated series based on Ingress motifs became known as early as December 2017, when Ingress Prime was announced.

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