Motorola Knows How to Solve the Problem of Deformation of Flexible OLED Screens

Motorola Folding Smartphone
Written by Hassan Abbas

Judging by how often recently manufacturers pay attention to the concept of folding smartphones, the future, where we expect bendable mobile devices, is inevitable. This time on the Internet, Motorola’s patent lit up with a rather interesting and unusual vision of the upcoming smartphones.

Virtually all companies that have begun to develop bent devices to some extent do not take into account one small but very important detail. Repeated opening/closing of such a device will inevitably lead to stretching and creasing of the OLED matrix of the screen in place of the fold. Motorola calls this problem a semi-permanent deformation.

Motorola Folding Smartphone

Motorola Folding Smartphone

Two years ago Motorola patented the technology, thanks to which it is possible to avoid deformation of the flexible screen. The updated patent was published on June 14, 2018, and became available to the public. In it, the company’s engineers propose heating the flexed part of the display to a certain temperature, which should make it more elastic.

Motorola Folding Smartphone

Motorola Folding Smartphone

To do this, a heating element and several sensors are built into the smartphone hinge mechanism, which determines when the device is opened 180 degrees (in tablet mode). Thus, the traces of stretching, which appeared after a long time in the folded form, should disappear, and the matrix will return to its original state.

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The Motorola patent once again proves the difficulty in creating a folding smartphone. This suggests that manufacturers have to solve a lot of problems and get themselves a lot of cones before we see something really worthwhile. For sure, the first generation of such smartphones will be imperfect, but certainly costly.

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