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Motorola is Cancelling the Moto x5 – Reports

moto x5
Written by Hassan Abbas

Lenovo-owned Motorola is expecting to launch a successor to last year’s Moto X4 at a few points this year. But if a new report is to believe. The company has now shelved plans in order to launch the handset’s successor. That would have been called the Moto X5. There have substantial leaks and rumors already concerning the Moto X5 which suggests. That the development was already really far along before the company reportedly decide to cancel the device. In this article, we are going to talk about Motorola is Cancelling the Moto x5 – Reports. Let’s begin!

According to a source that is actually familiar with the company’s plans, as part of today’s downsizing of Motorola’s engineering team in Chicago. The Lenovo-owned smartphone maker has completely neglected the plans to launch the successor to last year’s Moto X4. However, the as-yet-unannounced Moto X5. The X5 was leaked insignificant detail in January.

Motorola continues to be a drag on Lenovo, that had initially promised to turn its ailing smartphone division profitable within two-quarters of its addition. That never actually happened. Lenovo slashed and burned most of Motorola’s global workforce and presence as well. But the business has not yet managed to make the turnaround it so clearly needs.

moto x5

moto x5

Our source says that Motorola will be narrowing its focus back to E, G, and Z phones for the time being. It is also possible the Moto X name could return at some point. However, that’s looking unlikely in light of this news. The report also adds that the company will now be increasing its focus on E, G, and Z series devices from now. The possibilities are that it might bring back the Moto X lineup at most of the points in the future exists. But it may not happen anytime soon if this information is correct or not.

Plus, Motorola will be largely discontinuing its efforts in the realm of more… irregular Mods for its Z phones, and rather stick to products it believes can actually turn a profit. So, I guess no more gamepad mods. But probably more battery packs and also style mods!

Motorola is also said to be moving its focus away from niche mods and will focus more on products that have a higher chance of turning a profit for them.


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