Motion Graphics Gives Purpose To Your Business

Motion Graphics
Written by Albert Finch

Every user on the Internet is bombarded with a huge amount of content every day; there are about 10 thousand messages from brands alone, not counting other information. Only people with superpowers can fully pass all this through themselves. The rest is to try to set up a hard internal filter. The first thing that this filter is always ready to let in the attention zone is something original, but at the same time as simple as possible for perception.

Videos with animated graphics are just that. They pack important messages into a laconic form that, due to its external simplicity, does not scare away the viewer. Animation can be childish or serious, informative or entertaining – in any case, it copes with marketing tasks as well as traditional videos.


Users do not want to delve into it for a long time – they are waiting for an informative squeeze in the most accessible form. They want to quickly understand how to make a purchase, how to use a product, why a particular feature is needed, why, and how prices go up.

The brand’s mission is to help consumers by explaining everything and sorting it out on the shelves.

You can make a five-minute video with an expert or brand representative who will tell everything seriously and thoroughly. But traditional camcorder videos have several drawbacks:

  • Firstly, if you make these videos without much investment, then the result is unlikely to be outstanding and will not differ from a million similar videos.
  • Secondly, an expert in the frame may seem to someone simply unsympathetic – this is a human factor, it is difficult to predict and get around it.

If instead of a video with a white background and an expert, you make an explanatory cartoon, you will simultaneously become more noticeable among competitors and use fictional characters that do not risk causing negative associations with motion graphics services.

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According to the Sprout Social survey, 59% of users are interested in training videos on brand pages. Here motion animation will be a great helper.

A huge plus of animation is that it helps to embody literally any idea. Animation provides more possibilities than traditional video – the flight of fantasy is not limited by anything. Need an explosion and helicopters? Do you think that Elon Musk will present your new function to the audience the best? Want to show how the brain sends impulses to the body? Just draw the whole thing.

You can talk not only about how exactly the service works or how to do yoga exercises – go a little further.


Engaging, engaging, and retaining audiences are important challenges for brands, but all for one purpose only. Sales. From time to time; brands prefer not to beat around the bush, but directly and openly devote new motion graphics to a new product.

As a rule, in such cartoons, brands either show what a new product consists of or fit it into funny circumstances.

Sometimes motion graphics are combined with regular video. This combination saves the budget (after all, it’s cheaper to make a couple of shots with the camera than to draw); and adds realism to the video. If there is no designer on the team to prepare animation cuts, search Crello for this content. Access to the collection of animated content is free, but to download the animation, you need to upgrade to PRO. Animated backgrounds and designs in different formats can be used as refreshing hand-drawn footage. Read more on

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People come to the Internet not only for benefits but also for entertainment. According to statistics, most often YouTube is opened to find videos with practical advice (65%) and to watch something funny (57%).

Most often, entertainment content is understood as something humorous; but it is quite possible to make a fascinating cartoon about the history of a brand or its customers.


By capturing and engaging viewers, motion graphics content helps spread the brand’s philosophy and culture. Even if the video is strictly about a product or about another holiday, it still carries the style of the brand.

For example, in the examples below, Coca-Cola tirelessly communicates the idea that everyone, regardless of cultural background, loves drinking Coke.

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