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Mobile Strike for PC – APK Android Free Download

Mobile Strike
Written by Hassan Abbas

Mobile Strike is a game that has as main objective to carry the whole experience of the modern wars to the screen of your cellular. To become a military-style Arnold Schwarzenegger character in films, you need to organize a base, command your troops, and explore a world rooted in armed conflict on all sides.

Mobile Strike for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/MAC OS/Laptop

Mobile Strike Review

With games similar to Clash of Clans, the title replaces the fantasy mood with the realism of military operations in modern times. Thus, the player needs to interact a series of elements on the display to collect resources and increase their war power, giving them the chance to attack or defend themselves against them.

A fairly large world map allows part of your army to find contested lands – filled with iron, stones, oil, and other items – or show other players why their soldiers are the best at what they do. Construction upgrades and commander levels ensure that your battle units get stronger and stronger.

Like any good online game, Mobile Strike also encourages player interaction, letting everyone chat in a global chat or bunch together in alliances. These clans bestow various bonuses and advantages, and, if broken, can help accelerate all sorts of actions. Missions, explorations and rewards are also part of the title adventure package.

Created by the same minds behind the success of Game of War, Mobile Strike is another war game and strategy that this time wants to bring modern conflicts to your mobile device. In the role of a young but very dedicated commander, you must take care of the routine of a military base and prepare for the worst – be it in epic attacks or desperate defences.

In the same way that Glu used the image of a Hollywood artist to draw attention to Sniper X with Jason Statham, this game bets on a well-known figure to stand out: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although the actor is only used in the production arts and at some points in the game, it is undeniable that it was a good story to connect his image – famous for explosive feature films – to an action theme.Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Gameplay

In gameplay, Mobile Strike is a walk in the park for anyone who has ever ventured into games like Clash of Clans and others who have been inspired by it: simple touches on the screen to collect resources, train troops, upgrade buildings and send your army for combat. Since everything is in Portuguese, it is relatively easy to identify what each menu or options window does during the game.

In that sense, the game can be a bit annoying at first for anyone who is a veteran of the genre, since the tutorial is very long and basically points out everything the player must do every second – stopping their actions repeatedly. For those who are starting out in the area, however, all the help is welcome, since there are many tools to use and resources to manage all the time.

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This complexity of the game has its positive and negative sides. The bad news is the fact that there are a lot of bureaucratic elements at all times, often making it difficult for you to spend gold and you end up having to go to the microtransactions store – which sells packets of gold coins. On the other hand, the inclusion of additional external missions, besides the traditional “attack-and-defend”, makes the title differentiate itself from the competitors.

The fact that it is possible to send troops to occupy areas not yet inhabited, but full of resources, or to tackle random units on the map – controlled by the computer – give a greater immersion in this world. The alliance system also works very efficiently, separating groups by country, language and level or allowing you to do a quick search to see which team offers the most benefits to your progress.

What’s your profile?

In the visual and sonorous aspects, the title does not look ugly but also does not stand out among other members of this genre, presenting basic 3D isometric graphics and a somewhat generic soundtrack. If you overcome some of the production slips, she should be able to hold your attention for a long time. If you want something more uncompromising, Call of Duty®: Heroes and Empires and Allies are great alternatives.

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Steps to play Mobile Strike on PC

To play Mobile Strike on PC you need to download the game on your computer, maybe through an APK, and an emulator

Mobile Strike – Download / APK

There are two download options:

  • PlayStore / App Store: If you are already in your country, you can download it directly from any of the two platforms. Although if it is to play on PC, you must do so by accessing it from the emulator of your choice.
  • APK: Here you can see how to Download Mobile Strike APK and from where. The only thing is that now you will have to download it to your PC or computer.

In case you do not know which emulator to choose, we give you some recommendations and we explain what you have to do with it.

How to play Mobile Strike for PC on Windows an Mac

Mobile Strike
Mobile Strike
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Step 1: To use Mobile Strike for PC, you first need to download and Install Bluestacks.

Step 2: Configure Bluestacks following the instructions on the screen. Enter a valid G-mail account and make sure you have access to it.

Step 3: Once everything is settled, then open Play Store in Bluestacks and tap Ok or continue to reach the interface.

Step 4: Click the Search-bar and type Mobile Strike. Since it is available globally, you’ll get the results.

Step 5: Tap on Install and wait.

Step 6: After the downloading, you’ll see the app icon on the Home Screen.

Step 7: Click on it and start playing Mobile Strike for PC.

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