Best Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter

apps like mobile performance meter
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Mobile performance meters are designed for people who earn income online. This app pays you to download and install it on your mobile phone. In order to monitor your activities and performance, you have to keep the app running in your phone’s background. So that it can automatically sync as well. So, you get paid if this app runs on your background daily and you guys have other options. Such as monitoring your device and much more. Here you also can find a list of Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter. Just read this article to know all about Best Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter. Let’s begin!

Best Apps Like Mobile Performance Meter

There are many apps that offer just like functions as a Mobile performance meter. Providing you a number of options in order to pick from. Along with these apps, you get paid regularly and also amazing extra features as well. The top apps in this regard are:


Verydice is an actually casual application where you can roll the dice in order to win tickets and free real stuff without any effort. It is also available to use on Android and iOS platforms, developed via SquareTwo Inc. Verydice is a very simple and easy-to-use application. That permits you to click and hold the button in order to roll your dice and start the fun.
apps like mobile performance meter

Whatever you roll, you must win a ticket as well. You guys can redeem your tickets anytime, anywhere, for brand new gadgets, electronics, and much more. It is one of the most addictive applications where you can instantly get huge rewards, just through rolling the dice.

Download – Android | iOS

Google Opinion Rewards

This application is actually a free survey application online that permits users to get paid via giving answers to online surveys. It is really simple to use and the rewards are huge. It is also available for download in many countries and android users get google play credits that permit you to purchase paid products from the google play store.


This app is also available to download in multiple countries like Australia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Austria, the United States, France, and Norway, as well. On Android, the users earn Google Play credits, that can be used via purchasing paid apps from Play Store as well.

Download – Android | iOS


Slidejoy is actually an elegant application that lets you make money in order to check trending news and unlock your phone screen as well. It pays you in cash or rewards you along with some new gift cards just for having the latest news and ads on your lock screen as well.

Just like the other same apps, it also permits you in order to redeem cash rewards via a PayPal account or enjoy gift cards to your favorite brands. It is really simple and easy to use the application that you can use over cell phones and tablets as well.

Download – Android

JunoWallet | apps like mobile performance meter

JunoWallet is actually an exclusive application that permits you in order to earn rewards by playing games. That makes calls, watching videos, doing surveys, and also inviting friends, etc. JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW is a completely free-to-use app that has up to 28 million users around the globe who had earned up to $300 each week.

The most addictive thing about this application is that it permits you. In order to download free music each and every week that you can save in this app and earn rewards. It offers multiple options to use cash and rewards such as Google Play, Nike, Amazon, iTunes, Papa John’s, and Lowes, as well.

Cash Gift

This phone offers you cash gifts and rewards for doing fun things such as playing games, trying great, and watching videos. It is pretty easy to use and supports more than 3million users across the world. You can redeem your rewards on online stores such as Amazon, Google play store, Paypal, and many other famous platforms.


AppTrailers is actually an Application where you can watch video trailers of apps, enjoy gossip, DIY videos, and win points as well. After winning an attractive number of coins, you guys can also redeem them via PayPal, Gift Cards, and many more.

It is one of the hottest, high-quality streaming video applications available. In order to use on both Android and iOS platforms. It is the only application where you guys can see a movie preview of apps and get rewards for it as well.

RewardBox | apps like mobile performance meter

RewardBox is one of the best reward apps that also offer daily rewards for you and your friends. That you guys can earn via having fun. With the help of this application, then you can get gift cards and earn credits through installing fun games and apps that are recommended via RewardBox.

In order to earn a reward today, you just need to download the application. Then sign up with the correct email address, explore the huge collection, and enjoy hundreds of free apps in order to earn money. The best thing about this application is that it permits you in order to convert the credits into multiple gift cards. Also including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Store, and much more.


FreeMyApps also lets you get rewarded for watching cool videos, playing fun games, and also trying new apps. Also, FreeMyApps is actually a Free Application that permits you. In order to earn amazing rewards in the shape of gift cards and cash as well. With the help of this application, you can earn more than $25 via watching videos from your favorite streamers, play addictive games, and also trying awesome apps.

You can earn exciting gift cards to famous retailers that include Xbox, Amazon, Google Play, and more just via discovering the new games and apps. FreeMyApps is a really simple and easy-to-use app. There you can get started just via getting registered along with a verified Facebook account.

Points2Shop | apps like mobile performance meter

Points2Shop is actually a Free Mobile Application where you can earn virtual points or also cash rewards with online activities. The app also lets you watch videos, complete different surveys, play games. And whenever trying new apps as well as online shopping.

It is one of the largest free rewards platforms that permits you in order to earn money anywhere you are. If you are at home or school as well. Points 2 Shop app enables you in order to redeem your points for millions of rewards. That are available on the Points2Shop site as well. It includes game cards and gift cards, or you can also be able to withdraw your cash earnings online as well.


CheckPoints is actually a free application that rewards you via scanning the products like Coca-Cola, Olay, and tons of others. If you are hanging out at the mall, grocery shopping, or at home. Also you can have a fun collection of easy rewards each and every day in millions of places.

You can intuitively collect points whenever you are out shopping. You can also use the CheckPoints app in your favorite saves to scan barcodes of your products and earn points toward great rewards as well. When you’re at home, then you can answer the surveys, play games, watching videos, and also use hundreds of exciting apps.


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